Plumbing Upgrade Ideas

Plumbing Upgrade Ideas

If you are planning a major home renovation or flipping a commercial property, do not forget to consider good plumbing options that will not only make life easier but will also add value to your property and save you money from constant maintenance in the long-run. Plumbing upgrades can range from getting new kitchen and bathroom fixtures to adding whole house water filtration and transitioning to grey water plumbing. New upgrades are also designed to be more cost and energy-efficient as well as have less impact on the environment, reducing your eco-footprint.  Since most plumbing fixtures are located underground and behind walls, it’s best to have your plumbing upgraded as you do your property renovation. Otherwise, you can easily call your local plumber to discuss easy plumbing upgrade options.

Grey Water Plumbing

Greywater plumbing uses greywater instead of clean water in flushing toilets or watering your garden. Greywater is uncontaminated water which comes from your kitchen and your shower, therefore safe to recycle and use for flushing toilets or cleaning your backyard. Not only does this lower your water bill, but it also helps you save on natural resources. Aside from greywater, using rainwater to flush toilets, water your garden or wash your car is also a good plumbing practice. Call a licensed plumber to have a tank set up to collect rainwater and pipes connected to your toilet and for backyard use.

Whole House Water Filter

Upgrading to a Whole House Water Filter will ensure clean water wherever you get your water from. The filter purifies your water by removing the toxins and other bacteria on your water before they are released to your taps, showers and toilets.  Having a whole house water filter also means that you have If you are someone particular with cleanliness, you will feel more at ease if you use a whole house water purifier since you are sure to use clean water to wash your face or brush your teeth.

Dual-Flush Toilet

A Dual Flush Toilet is an efficient mechanism to manage toilet waste. This toilet upgrade is designed to consume less water by having two flush options for liquid waste and solid waste. An ordinary toilet only has one flush that regardless of the volume or the type of waste, will let release the same amount of water to flush the waste down the drain. In a dual flush toilet, there’s a separate flush button or handle to flush liquid waste and solid waste. Since liquid waste requires less water to be flushed, a dual toilet typically has a small button for this option. On the other hand, a dual toilet will allocate a bigger button to flush solid waste since this requires more volumes of water to be pushed down the drain.

Tankless/ Instant Water Heater

Get a Tankless Water Heater the next time you upgrade your hot water system. Tankless water heaters cost less than traditional hot water systems with tanks because tankless water heaters require less to operate and maintain. A gas or electric water heater instantly converts the cold water running through your pipes to hot water before they are released in your shower or your tap. Unlike hot water systems which makes use of large tanks, a tankless water heater is not dependent on the amount of water stored and heated on the tank. Not only won’t you need a big space to store your tankless water heater, but you can also make sure that you won’t run out of hot water in the middle of a shower which occasionally happens if you use up the heated water on your storage tank.

Getting a plumbing upgrade is always an investment because this means gaining a better experience from the new and improved ways of how things were done before. With improved efficiency designed to be more user-friendly as well as eco-friendly, these plumbing upgrades are not only safer to use but promotes green or sustainable plumbing as well. When getting a plumbing upgrade, make sure to leave it to the professionals to ensure the quality and safety of the installation.

Discuss your upgrade plans with The Plumbing and Gas Guys to choose from plumbing options that are convenient and suitable for the property. We can also source the latest plumbing fixtures and accessories from trusted local and international plumbing supplies. For hot water system upgrades, we supply and install tankless and with tank electric, gas, solar and heat pump hot water systems. Our inventory also especially features an energy-efficiency star-rating system to help in your decision and make the purchase easier.

What is green plumbing?

What is green plumbing?

All over the world, efforts to save the environment range from big movements such as industries turning to more renewable sources of energy to small habits like reducing everyday household energy by using low-energy appliances as well as lessening water consumption. In terms of plumbing, the industry promotes green plumbing as the new norm so that we can all take part in saving the environment.

What is green plumbing? 

Green plumbing is an environmentally friendly plumbing practice that is not only cost-efficient but more importantly promotes environmental sustainability. Environmental sustainability aims to lessen eco-footprint by consuming products or doing activities that won’t have a large impact on the environment. In terms of green plumbing, this means making use of energy-saving appliances, low flow fixtures and innovative technology designed to last long yet has minimal eco-footprint for domestic, commercial and industrial installations.

At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we can help you upgrade to more environment-friendly plumbing practices by offering our energy-efficient plumbing appliances as well as our water-efficient plumbing services. We have licensed and experienced plumbers that can handle your transition to green plumbing since they have the knowledge and the necessary tools to accomplish the job in compliance with all environmental rules and regulations.

If you have an existing hot water system and would want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient system please contact our team today.

We can modify your existing plumbing and make them more energy and water-efficient by making sure that there are no water leaks on your entire plumbing system in toilets, showerheads and taps. Lastly, we can help set-up a more efficient way of plumbing waste disposal by connecting your line to the main sewer or by cleaning and maintaining your septic tank.

At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we help reduce environmental impact by following green plumbing practices such as using energy-saving plumbing appliances, low flow fixtures and proper waste disposal in all our installation projects.

We also supply, install, maintain and do repairs on energy-efficient hot water systems like solar hot water systems as well as heat pumps. Our hot water system listings also especially feature an energy-efficiency star rating system to help clients choose the best option for their homes.

Our team consists of qualified plumbers and gasfitter trained to offer high-quality standard services for your needs. All of our work is certified and the required paperwork is submitted to the governing bodies as required. If you want to discuss your green plumbing options, phone us on 1800 087 244. We have 24/7 customer service ready to discuss your plumbing concerns.

How do I maintain my water heater unit?


A hot water unit or a hot water system has now become a necessity especially during the winter season. With different types of hot water systems like gas and electric, solar-powered and heat pumps, its care and maintenance would depend on the type as well as the size of the water heater unit that you own. Since hot water systems are an investment, it is best to take care of them to make sure that they are in proper working condition at all times.

As experienced master plumbers and gas fitters, we make sure to know all the ins and the outs of the different types of hot water systems so that we can help our clients with their hot water system needs.  From hot water installations to unit replacement, we have 24/7 customer support ready to help our clients with any hot water system and plumbing concerns.

Do I need to clean my hot water unit?

If you have a water heater tank for gas, electric, solar-powered hot water systems or heat pumps, it’s best to drain the tank every couple of months so that you can remove the debris and the small sediments that might have accumulated at the bottom of the tank. Cleaning the tanks a couple of times a year is necessary to keep the unit in perfect working condition and avoid sediment accumulation which can cause blocked pipes. To do this, drain about a quarter of the tank, open the pressure relief valve a little, hook up a hose and then allow water to run down the sediments. For tankless hot water systems, make sure to clean the exterior as well by running it with water to remove the debris that might have settled on the unit which when left unattended can solidify and affect the quality of the material of your unit.

Do I need to check the pressure valve in my hot water system?

The pressure valve in a hot water unit is designed as a safety precaution if a tank over pressurises. Checking the temperature and relief valve and making sure that it works properly is always a good thing. Occasionally turning the knob can help prevent the knob from freezing. And if it is too loose, make sure to tighten it a little to keep the pressure intact.

Do I need to turn off the hot water system when I leave town?

When you are about the leave town for months or even a couple of weeks and no one would be left at home, make sure to turn off your hot water systems not only to save on gas or electricity but also to put your unit at rest and prolong its life. Turning off your entire plumbing will also help you avoid accidents such as flooding caused by high water pressure leakage or burst pipes.

Do I need to have the hot water unit checked every couple of years?

Spare at least 5 minutes of your time every month to observe your hot water units and see if there are obvious cracks or leaks. Lookout for unusual noises and be attentive for anything that might seem outside of the ordinary especially when you see that there’s a difference with how your plumbing works. If you think that your water bill is going through the roof, the water isn’t as warm as it used to be, or the pressure has dipped, it might be time to call a professional plumber for there might be something seriously wrong with your hot water system and you need to get it checked out.

How can I properly dispose of my hot water unit?

Proposal disposal of hot water units must be done by a professional since this requires removing your unit from your pipe connection. Proper tools are necessary to not damage your plumbing and make installing a new hot water unit impossible. At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we can properly dispose of your old hot water unit for free if you buy a new hot water system from our product collection. Our hot water system prices also include the installation rate so that all expenses are upfront. Our installation includes not only setting up the system and connecting it to your pipeline, but we also do tests to make sure that everything is in perfect working condition.

Make sure to keep the manual that comes when you purchase your hot water units to have information on proper hot water system maintenance at your disposal. But if you need maintenance assistance or want to discuss your hot water and plumbing concerns, connect with The Plumbing and Gas Guys on 1800 087 244. We supply and install hot water systems from trusted brands like Bosch, Dux, Quantum, Rheem, Rinnai, Stiebel Eltron, Therman, Vulcan and Wilson. We also purchase hot water systems in bulk and offer the best prices to our clients for all commercial installations.

Common Plumbing Misuse

Common Plumbing Misuse

We use our sinks, showers and toilets a couple of times every day but have you thought about whether these activities you've been used to are correct? Here are some of the most common misuse of plumbing utilities that though seemingly harmless, can lead to big plumbing issues that would require professional and prompt work.

Flushing food waste down the sink

Flushing food down the drain is one of the most common misuses of plumbing in the whole world. This is also the number one reason for blocked pipes and drains. If you still prefer to clean your plate of food waste down the drain, opt for sinks with waste disposal units which can catch the food waste and then eventually empty the bin through proper waste disposal means. Other garbage disposal units also have a grinding chamber where solid food waste is broken down to tiny particles which can then be washed away by the water and down into your drain. In addition to flushing food scraps down the drain, most people also choose to expel grease waste down the sink. Since grease might accumulate and eventually form a solid block that can clog your pipes, ask your plumber to install a grease trap under your sink which they can eventually empty out and properly dispose of in a couple of months or yearly. Have your drains and pipes occasionally serviced as well by professional and licensed plumbers to prevent major plumbing issues such as clogged sinks and burst pipes.

Flushing your dead fish down the toilet 

Flushing dead fishes and other small animals down the toilet is strictly discouraged and even illegal in some states! Some people believe that the best way to honour their dead fishes is to flush them down the toilet to bring them to the sea. This is a misconception because there is no guarantee that the fish will end up in the sea. For one, various plumbing systems work to separate the liquid from solid waste and thus your dead fish will just end up in a waste management facility provided that it survived the plumbing system and stayed intact. Flushing your dead fish and other small animals down the toilet can also cause bigger problems such as a blocked toilet or a burst pipe. For these cases, it’s best to bury your dead animal friends in your backyard where they can properly decompose and go back to the earth, or on a pet cemetery where they can properly rest in peace.

Placing tapes on cracks and leaks in pipes 

Since most people do not have a Plumber’s tape or a Teflon tape at hand, they use electrical tape to seal small cracks and leaks. Others also use materials such as packaging tape, duct tape and masking tape which are all temporary solutions to a problem that can burst when not properly addressed. For small cracks, use a Plumber’s tape or a Teflon tape to seal the gap. You can also use a PVC adhesive to fill the small gaps caused by the cracks. Remember to check up on the remedies that you have done for if there are still leaks from these gaps, it’s a sign that you now need to call a professional plumber to do plumbing maintenance and repair.

Keeping the water running during plumbing emergencies 

Some people do not shut off their plumbing during emergencies for fear of aggravating the issue. Plumbing emergencies can range from leaky faucets and continuously flushing toilets to burst pipes and broken water lines - which all consume copious amounts of water. If you are attempting to apply first-aid to a minor plumbing problem, you still need to shut off your plumbing especially if you do not know which caps or knobs release high water pressure. Never keep your water running during a plumbing emergency for you will not only flood your house but you shall also increase your water bill especially if it’ll take a long time for the plumbers to arrive.

Not calling licensed plumbers during emergencies 

When a toilet clogs, or when a pipe bursts, our first instinct is to apply some sort of first-aid. This can mean plunging a toilet or shutting off your plumbing and then sealing the bust pipe with PVC adhesive. When everything seems okay, most people tend to forget that what they’ve done is just a temporary fix and then they leave it at that before another bigger problem arises. DIY Plumbing is okay so long as it is only for minor plumbing problems like a slow draining sink or a clogged garbage disposal unit. But when it comes to crucial plumbing issues like broken hot water systems, clogged toilets and burst pipes, it’s necessary to call on professional plumbers since they have the knowledge and the tools required to fix these issues.

If you do not know the extent of the root of the problem, best let the professionals and the experienced plumbers fix your plumbing to avoid safety hazards and further the plumbing problem. If you call The Plumbing and Gas Guys on 1800 087 244, we can send a single or a team of our master plumbers depending on your requirement. From the simple leaking taps, to installation of hot water systems, to emergency plumbing jobs we cover all cities in Perth Metropolitan Area.

FYI: Plumbing & Gas Concepts & Terms

FYI: Plumbing & Gas Concepts & Terms

Have you found yourself talking to your plumber or gas fitter and just agreeing to their every suggestion – leading you to surpass expenses because you do not understand some of the terms that they are using and the concepts that they are proposing?

At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we give importance to our clients and we pledge to stay true to the services that we offer that’s why we make sure that our clients understand the terms that we use and the concepts that we are proposing to get the job done efficiently.

Here are some of the most important plumbing concepts and terms that you need to know before going through extensive plumbing and gas fitting undertaking:

Access Panel

The Access Panel is one of the most important parts of a house, especially for a plumber. This is where the whole plumbing system can be controlled during maintenance. It is also the first place that a plumber would check before doing any excavations for blocked drains and pipes.  The Access Panel is usually hidden from plain view to not be toyed with by children. Since the Access Panel is usually behind a wall or near the ceiling, it is necessary that they are not covered up but instead can be easily accessed by plumbers, especially during emergencies.


A Fitting connects two parts of a pipe. Plumbing sewers and vent pipes are made from cast iron to ensure that the material will connect the two parts and can hold the water or gas pressure running through the pipes. When checking for house water leaks or gas leaks, plumbers often first check the fittings to see if there are holes or if the fittings become loose. The Fitting can come in various types such as couplings, ells, tees, crosses, reducers, unions, caps, and plugs.

Green Plumbing

Green Plumbing is an initiative that promotes water and energy conservation in household plumbing as well as in plumbing maintenance. Green Plumbing advocates for homes to use harvested rainwater or greywater which is untreated wastewater that does not come from a toilet or kitchen waste. Waterless urinals are also encouraged especially for large commercial establishments like hospitals and malls. The use of solar-powered hot water systems and low-consumption plumbing fixtures are also highly encouraged. And since plumbing maintenance often requires several litres of high water pressure especially in water jetting to remove blocked drains, Green Plumbing advocates the use of solar-powered tools as well as recycled water.

Master Plumber

Master Plumbers are licensed plumbers that have over 10 to 15 years of experience in the industry. To become a Master Plumber, one must first get a high school diploma or pass the GED before apprenticing under a Master Plumber to learn the trade and garner experience. Following the apprenticeship, the plumber can work as a journeyman until they take the licensure exam to be a Master Plumber. Unlike an apprentice or a journeyman, Master Plumbers are often ensured to safeguard their clients. Their 10+ years of experience allow them to assess the job properly and conduct the installation, maintenance or repair as efficiently as possible.

Septic System

The Septic System is the waste management system of any property whose sewage is not connected to the main sewer line of their city. The Septic System is composed of the septic tank, the septic field and the connecting pipes. It temporarily stores the waste while at the same time bacteria is breaking down the waste and allowing gravity to separate the solid from the liquid before the liquid is drained into an absorption field and the solid is taken out by septic tank cleaning.

The Plumbing and Gas Guys are composed of extensive and fully qualified Master Plumbers and Gas Fitters servicing all metropolitan suburbs for any 24/7 plumbing emergency. We also have insurance for all our plumbing and gas installation, maintenance and repair. Our vans carry state of the art gas leak, water leak and blocked drain equipment and spare parts, so the team can work independently and complete each job with ease.

Autumn Plumbing & Gas Maintenance Ideas for Perth Homes

Autumn Plumbing & Gas Maintenance Ideas for Perth Homes

People often tend to do renovations and property maintenance before the holiday season starts during December and January. As we approach autumn, it’s an ideal time to address outdoor plumbing and roof cleaning & repairs. The end of summer is the perfect time to plan your home improvement project so that you can start around autumn, and finish before winter arrives.

Here at The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we offer 24/7 year-round plumbing, gas fitting and renovation services to all suburbs in Perth, Western Australia. Aside from emergency plumbing and gas fitting services that can pop-up any day and time of the year, we recommend to customers autumn as an ideal time to do home maintenance and renovations for their Perth homes

tree root cutting

Go for tree root cutting services to fix blocked sewer pipes and drains.

Tree roots as small as thin hair fibres can enter pipes and cause blockage when they accumulate. Solid things that pass through your drain can also be trapped further causing blockage to your pipers. Call a licensed, professional plumber to assess your sewer lines, especially if you feel that your waste pipes start to drain slowly or give off an unpleasant odour.

Clean blocked roof gutters. 

It’s essential to clean your gutters every so often to remove falling debris such as leaves, tree roots, sand that accumulate and block your roof pipes and drainage. Roof plumbing, cleaning and repair are best done during spring and autumn.

Autumn Plumbing & Gas Maintenance Ideas for Perth Homes
Energy-Efficient Hot Water Systems

Install new hot water systems. 

Hot water system installations, especially placing a big tank outside or adding solar panels (for solar hot water systems) on the roof is best done after cleaning, and repairs to the roof are done to make sure that there’s good support for the system to be installed on.  


Make sure that your hot water system is running well.  

To prepare for the colder weather ahead, it’s best to have your hot water system checked and repaired during the autumn months. 

hot water shower
kitchen tiling

Engage in Kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovation. 

Do you see mould forming? You must take action sooner than later. To avoid plumbing emergencies caused by blocked sinks and toilets, better to have them checked out and cleaned now if you suspect there’s a problem. Do you feel it’s time to renovate? Talk to The Plumbing and Gas Guys for ideas and choose the fixtures and fittings that will suit your style of home.


Contact The Plumbing and Gas Guys on 1800 087 244 and speak to our 24/7 Customer Service personnel to schedule general plumbing and gas health check and maintenance. We can send out a team that's trained to the highest standard in every aspect of their trade, from appliance installation; dealing with tap leaks to the installation of major gas and hot water replacements. Our licensed Perth plumbers and gas fitters use the latest and most sophisticated technology to clean blocked pipes and drains as well as repair damaged lines and systems. Our hot water supply, installation and repair services are also available for all suburbs in Perth, Western Australia.

Why is my water bill so high?

Why is my water bill so high?

Why is my water bill so high even though I do not do anything outside of my usual routine?

Do you always wonder why you have a high water bill even though you know you do not consume anything outside of your usual? Most people often experience this and they try to check if they had a previous activity that required more water consumption – perhaps a guest was staying over for the month, or they purchased a new tub that they’ve used since then, etc. But others check for leaky taps and other plumbing issues to see if those were the cause of their high water bill.

Putting aside increases in water tariffs, damaged plumbing is the number one reason why households are getting a higher than average water bill.  

leaky tap

Leaking Tap 

leaking tap is one of the most common reasons for high water bills. Most people tend to just ignore a leaky tap especially when the drip is slow. But did you know that a leaky tap with a rate of 1 drip per second can waste up to 20 litres a day? Imagine how much more water you’ll waste when it’s dripping at a rate of more than 2 drips per second. Always remember to tighten your faucets to avoid running water. Don’t overlook a leaking tap – make sure to tighten those knobs or call a licensed plumber to help sort out the problem.

Running Toilet 

A running toilet is just as bad as a blocked toilet. When you flush your toilet, do you know notice how long everything goes down the drain and water eventually settles? Depending on the size, the average toilet uses 6-32 litres per flush; but when you have a running toilet, water is continuously being wasted. If you do not see to this your water bill will surely skyrocket! That’s why if you’ve noticed that your toilet takes too long to flush, or if there’s a hissing sound, make sure to call a licensed plumber to check your leaking toilet.

running toilet

Excess Water Pressure 

Though a high water pressure seems good, having too much of it is bad especially when you consume too much when you just need a little. Having excess water pressure is not good when you have an automatic sprinkler system that rather than waters your plants, it drowns them instead. We can be waterwise by checking the duration and time of the day our reticulation is set for. In addition, too much water pressure can also cause strain which may damage pipes and joints, leaving them vulnerable to leaks and corrosion.


Damaged Pipe Seals or Joints 

It’s important to have your plumbing checked every year since damaged pipes – including the joints and seals, can cause a lot more problems including water leakage as well as bursting pipes. Since most pipes run behind walls and underground, most dripping pipes are often overlooked – making you spend more money without you even noticing it. That’s why, if you feel like your water bill has gone through the roof make sure to call a licensed Perth plumber immediately.

damaged pipes

A leaky tap, a running toilet, excess water pressure, and damaged pipes are not only bad for your household finances – but can also impact the environment especially when other parts of the world are experiencing water shortages. 

Help us help you resolve your plumbing problems!

At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we do water leak detection tests to determine if there are damaged pipes and faulty joints. We use the thermographic detection technique which uses an infrared and imaging technique to quickly let us know where the water leaks are. The ultrasonic detection technique also allows us to quickly identify even the smallest leaks.  

We do a whole lot more than just fix water leaks…  

At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we do plumbing, electrical and gas installation and maintenance. Get in touch with us on 1800 087 244. We have 24/7 customer service ready for your emergency plumbing and gas issues.

Signs of Blocked Drains & Pipes

Signs of Blocked Drains & Pipes

Food particles and oil build-up are the common causes of blocked drains and pipes. When not properly disposed of, these elements clump together and cause build-up, trapping the flow of water in your drains and pipes. When not properly maintained, a blocked pipe might burst to cause more damage not only to your water line but also to your waste tank. To prevent accidents and everyday inconvenience, here are some signs that you need to be aware of to see if you have a blocked drain or pipe that needs good plumbing.

Slow Draining Sink

A visible sign that you have a blocked drain is when it takes too much time for water to seep through the drainage especially when there are no solid food wastes or when no oil is mixed with the water. A slow draining sink takes too much time and prevents you from completing the dishes as soon as possible.

Clogged Toilet

A toilet that does no flush no matter how many times you try to do so is also another obvious sign that you have a blocked drain. Since no one wants to handle a clogged toilet, it’s best to leave it to professionals plumbers to avoid cases such as overflowing water coming out of clogged toilets.

Foul Odour

When something smells foul or when you smell something unusual when you open your faucet or flush your toilet, it means that something rotting must be stuck on your pipes. These can range from rotting food that clumped together or from tiny animals that got stuck and washed out on your pipeline.

Water Discolouration

Water discolouration not only comes from corroded pipes but it can also be caused by blocked drains specifically when the thing that blocks the pipes or the drainage contains a chemical compound that corrodes and mixes with the water every time water flows through the pipes.

How we fix blocked drains and clean waste pipes

For a quick fix with a long-term solution, get a professional and licensed plumber to do the job. At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we service blocked drains and pipes not limited to kitchen sinks, bathroom showers and toilets. Our process starts with an external inspection to see the condition of your blocked drain or pipe to see if it can be unclogged using our advanced drain machine. However, if the drain or the pipe is still blocked, we shall then proceed with using a water jitter to cut pressure and flush the blockage. In addition, we can also take care of your commercial waste product by emptying your septic tank and removing the foul odour.

Servicing blocked pipes and drains is part of good property upkeep and will not only reduce inconvenience but can also prevent the ageing of your property. Call a professional and licensed plumber on 1800 087 244 and get your blocked drainage fixed! We have 24/7 customer service personnel that can help set up appointments and send our available trusted plumber as soon as possible.

General Plumbing and Gas Health Check / Maintenance

General Plumbing and Gas Health Check / Maintenance

How often should I have my plumbing and gas fittings inspected?

The answer to that is every two years! It is necessary to have your plumbing and gas fittings inspected every two years to avoid safety hazards and accidents caused by ageing pipes, clogging, corrosion, ruptures and others. Often, people forget to have their plumbing and gas fittings checked until they stop working altogether – like when you are in the middle of a hot shower, and the water suddenly turns cold and would not heat up; or when you are preparing dinner for guests. When left unchecked these issues often escalate and would be more expensive to repair or replace.


For local plumbers in Perth, the weather plays an essential aspect in the correct upkeep of the plumbing and gas systems since constant exposure to natural elements – like water corroding the metal pipes – may cause faster wear and tear that’s why our professional plumbers at The Plumbing and Gas Guys in Perth encourage biennial inspections and maintenance of plumbing and gas fittings.

Some fixtures are more prone to wear and tear than others, so if you are experiencing the following general problems, make sure to have your plumbing and gas fittings and fixtures inspected right away:

  • Water flow is not high as it used to be - your hose might be leaking, or there’s damage to your water pipes.
  • The toilet won’t flush thoroughly – you may have blocked drains that are clogging your toilet and even your sinks.
  • Water discolouration is evident – your hose may be damaged or your pipes might be getting rusty already!
  • Water is just warm and doesn't get hot anymore – the burner in your hot water system might be damaged, or the thermostat may be failing.


If you are experiencing some of these issues or want to have your plumbing and gas fittings inspected, give us a call on 1800 087 244. We have a 24/7 customer service that can help you book an appointment and send over our highly rated local Perth plumbers or a gas fitting technician as soon as possible.


At The Plumbing and Gas Guys WA, we do plumbing and gas fitting inspections and maintenance. From using a camera to assess blocked drains to gas leak detection, our licensed and experienced local Perth plumbers and gas fitting technicians can evaluate the damage and complete the repair or maintenance without the customer having to break the bank.

With FREE, no-obligation over the phone quoting services as well as no call out fees, our customer service staff will readily connect you with a local Perth plumber or a gas fitter to help solve your plumbing and gas issues.  We strive to offer you total satisfaction with the best plumbing and gas service in Perth.

Plumber Perth

Plumber Perth

Qualities of a Good Plumber Perth Expert that You Need to Look Into

If you are thinking of hiring a good plumber Perth expert, then you need to look for a domestic or commercial plumbing service that can cater to your needs perfectly. Considering that this kind of work involves complex processes, this should only be performed by a skilled and well-trained professional for an efficient and right result. However, in order to find the best one, you need to understand exactly what makes a good plumber.

In this article, we have listed some of the quality traits that a good and professional plumbing service should possess. Check this out before hiring them to do the job.

5 Quality Traits to Look for in a Plumber Perth Expert

1. Professionalism Towards Work

Well, obviously it takes an educated, skilled and well-qualified plumber to get a job done properly and professionally. So, before hiring one, make sure to check if they went to a certified and reputed plumbing school. This will help you make sure that you could receive the best services. Also, don’t forget to consider the experience and the length of their service in the field. After all, having been in the industry for an extended period of time means that they have enough knowledge and skills to handle the job well.

2. Reliability and Responsibility

Before you invest in plumber Perth experts, it is important to make sure whether if they can be depended on. Yes, they should be able to find the easiest and quickest solution to any plumbing related problems you are facing. Thus, making sure that they could complete the task on time with great results.

Additionally, they also need to be readily available whenever you need assistance with your plumbing system. Remember that a defective plumbing system could bring the operation of your home or workplace to a halt if it is not taken care of quickly. Yes, dripping taps and damage pipes can even damage your structure in various ways if it not fixed quickly enough. So, you need to look for someone that could come to your rescue whenever you have an emergency.

3. Trustworthiness

Well, trustworthiness is very important considering that you will be letting a stranger enter your house. So, therefore, you need to only hire someone that you could trust. Likewise, make sure you do the proper research on your prospective service provider before investing in them.

4. Well- Trained and Efficient

A well-trained and efficient plumber Perth professional is really important when it comes to selecting a good service provider. As we all know, each plumber in town has different skills in different ways. So, it is paramount that you hire the one that specialises in the certain services you are looking for. And before hiring them, you should be confident enough that will be able to complete the job on time and professionally. Well, you could do this by finding out more about their training and making sure that they are licensed and insured.

5. Plumber Perth Should Be Punctual

Lastly, a good plumber should be punctual. Yes, punctuality reflects a person or services' work ethics and commitment towards his job. Likewise, being on time shows diligence and dependency. And in this case, you could entrust your plumbing problem to people who are diligent and dependent enough. Why? Well, because most of the time, they can get the job completely.

Moreover, when a plumber arrives on the dot, you could have enough time to show him the problems that need fixing. And at the same time, he will have enough time to assess the situation. In fact, professional plumbing services company always advise homeowners to always check the reputation of the company they plan to get for a better choice and result.

Dedication, commitment, honesty, and competitiveness towards work are some other traits that you should look for a professional plumber Perth expert. Make sure that you have checked and learn more about them before investing your time and money on the service they are offering. After all, what is important is for you to make sure that you could have a good experience working with them.

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Water Leak Detection Perth

Water Leak Detection Perth

Water Leak Detection Perth: An Effective Guide for Your Home Leak Problem

Most of the house owners often consider leak as an irritating noise that might keep them up at night. And as long as they think that leak will find a drainage system somewhere, they tend to assume that the only problem that it presents is the disruption of the quietness of the house. The truth is, aside from the nonstop dripping taps sound, water leaks can also present a very real and expensive threat to the condition of a home. Well, water leak detection Perth services are here to explain to you why this is the case. We will also tell you what you could do to take care of this issue before it gets to a point where you will have to invest in costly repairs. Here are some of the things that you need to do to for your water leak problem.

3 Effective Water Leak Detection Perth Guide for Your Home Leak Problem

1. Water Leak Detection Perth Guide #1: Confirm Whether There Really is a Problem

Before you do anything, confirm first if there is really a problem and find out what's the cause of it. That said, you can do a little experiment to confirm if there is really a leaking or not. You can try to shut your water flow and make a note of its current meter reading. Then, after 10-15 minutes, check your meter again. Even the slightest change will let you know upfront. After that, you can try and locate the leak. You can either do it by yourself or hire a professional contractor. But note that, only in the luckiest circumstance that it will only be a loosened faucet somewhere in the house. The worst case scenario for you is a buried or a hidden pipe.

Additionally, there are also times that the leak may be in a toilet, or in a water heater, or it may also be in the waste pipes that carry drain water and other waste away.  When it gets to that, your best option is to leave it with the pros.

2. Water Leak Detection Perth Guide #2: Don’t Neglect Early Warning Signs

Practicality is a widely observed initiative. No one loves to pay the extra bills for wasted water around the house. But then, not all of us really have time to check, don't we? It's easy enough to make a conscious note in our minds, but taking action can be a little bit harder. Taking priorities to more urgent things buries other tasks that may come back to us hard when we least expect them. One good example for this is a rocketing water bill just because you've been delaying the plumbing repairs forever. Don't get caught in such a dilemma. It's better to spend the extra bucks today than be sorry and pay more in the future. If you will have to get a guy to deal with the tap and pipes, then do it!

3. Water Leak Detection Perth Guide #3: Take Some Preventative Steps

When the repairs are all said and done, make sure the problem will not come back. It only takes regular inspection and proactive enquiry from the industry experts to take care of your plumbing efficiently. While you're at it, might as well ensure that there are no other potential sources of leaks in your pipe network. Or you could help prevent your pipes from an early break by being kinder to them. Well, it’s a fact that there are some people that enjoy high-pressure water coming from their taps and showers. But take note that high pressure could shorten the lifespan of your pipes over a long period of time. So better make use of it correctly.

Furthermore, it is always an extremely good idea to hire professional water leak detection Perth Services if you are unsure about any of this. Doing it yourself is sometimes not a good idea especially if issues are quite serious. And worst case might end up costing you thousands to get a fix.

So, if you don’t feel confident in doing plumbing by yourself, then let the professional plumbers handle it all. Remember that getting things wrong could end up costing you far more money than it actually needs to.

Additional tip: make sure that your house has a good insurance cover just in case water leak causes a ceiling to come down damaging the content of the room below it.

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