Signs of Blocked Drains & Pipes

Signs of Blocked Drains & Pipes

Food particles and oil build-up are the common causes of blocked drains and pipes. When not properly disposed of, these elements clump together and cause build-up, trapping the flow of water in your drains and pipes. When not properly maintained, a blocked pipe might burst to cause more damage not only to your water line but also to your waste tank. To prevent accidents and everyday inconvenience, here are some signs that you need to be aware of to see if you have a blocked drain or pipe that needs good plumbing.

A visible sign that you have a blocked drain is when it takes too much time for water to seep through the drainage especially when there are no solid food wastes or when no oil is mixed with the water. A slow draining sink takes too much time and prevents you from completing the dishes as soon as possible.

A toilet that does no flush no matter how many times you try to do so is also another obvious sign that you have a blocked drain. Since no one wants to handle a clogged toilet, it’s best to leave it to professionals plumbers to avoid cases such as overflowing water coming out of clogged toilets.

When something smells foul or when you smell something unusual when you open your faucet or flush your toilet, it means that something rotting must be stuck on your pipes. These can range from rotting food that clumped together or from tiny animals that got stuck and washed out on your pipeline.

Water discolouration not only comes from corroded pipes but it can also be caused by blocked drains specifically when the thing that blocks the pipes or the drainage contains a chemical compound that corrodes and mixes with the water every time water flows through the pipes.

For a quick fix with a long-term solution, get a professional and licensed plumber to do the job. At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we service blocked drains and pipes not limited to kitchen sinks, bathroom showers and toilets. Our process starts with an external inspection to see the condition of your blocked drain or pipe to see if it can be unclogged using our advanced drain machine. However, if the drain or the pipe is still blocked, we shall then proceed with using a water jitter to cut pressure and flush the blockage. In addition, we can also take care of your commercial waste product by emptying your septic tank and removing the foul odour.

Servicing blocked pipes and drains is part of good property upkeep and will not only reduce inconvenience but can also prevent the ageing of your property. Call a professional and licensed plumber on 1800 087 244 and get your blocked drainage fixed! We have 24/7 customer service personnel that can help set up appointments and send our available trusted plumber as soon as possible.