• Thermographic Detection

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  • Under Ground

    Underground Water Leak Repairs Water leaks are not a good sign for the building in which it occurs. If it...

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  • Water Leak Detection Made Easy in Perth

    Have your bills suddenly skyrocketed?

    Water meter moving when there’s been no usage?

    Seeing mould or moisture under carpets, or peeling paintwork or wet spots on walls? You could be victim to a leaking pipe. Lucky for you, The Plumbing and Gas Guys are experts at plumbing leak detection, and are ready to help you.

    Using the latest hydrosonic detection gear, we can quickly pinpoint the site of the leak. Once we’ve found it, we can also provide a quotation for repairing the leak. Using The Plumbing and Gas Guys means you’ll get it repaired sooner, reducing chances of long-term damage and removing that awful rising damp smell from the affected area.

    Leaking howers are a specialty of ours. It is common that peple will call us with a scenerio where they have grouted, or regrouted a shower that used to have lifting tiles, or bubbling paint but it is happening again. Often this is a sign of a water leak behind the tiles and in the wall. The Plumbing and Gas Guys can track down the leak, repair it and restore your shower or bathroom back to top condition.

  • Professional plumbing leak detection can save you thousands when done early

    Leaving a water leak to continue can have serious ramifications for the inhabitability and ultimately the structural integrity of your building. Water leaks can quickly escalate into much larger – and much more expensive – problems, putting you out many thousands of dollars in repairs and causing significant frustration and stress.

    Leaks are not always obvious, and are rarely visible, usually resulting from a burst in-wall or floor water pipe. Don’t let an amateur do the job of a professional. At the first sign of dampness in the walls or floors, get our team in. We don’t charge call out fees, and our quotations are accurate, come with no obligations attached and are provided free of charge, meaning you’ve got nothing to lose with The Plumbing and Gas Guys.

    The Plumbing and Gas Guys can tackel any water leak. Some of the common water leaks we deal with include:
    - Leaking pipes under concrete
    - Burst pipes, underground or with a premisis
    - Leaking drains
    - Water leaks in walls and cavities
    - Leaking showers
    - Dripping and leaking taps
    - Hot water leaks

    We can find all leaks and where possible complete repairs or undertake pipe replacements as needed.