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  • Perth's Blocked Drains Solved for Less

    Make sure your plumbing is working the way it should. A blockage in your piping or water not draining correctly may be disgusting, inconvenient and unhygienic, but the worst part is that it’s generally the symptom of a more serious problem. If there are foul odours or dirty water spilling out of your sink, get on the phone to The Plumbing and Gas Guys and have the professionals take a look.

    If you’re lucky, the blockage will be shallow – either in the S bend or just below the drain or plug hole. Depending on whether it’s in the kitchen, the bathroom, or the laundry, the cause could be anything from congealed fat to hair or fabric to soap scum. In these cases, the job is simple and cheap, and you’ll be back to normal soon.

  • We offer a comprehensive Blocked Drains & Pipes Service

    Our Team are fully equipped to manage all jobs. Some of the blocked drains services we offer, depending on need, include:
    - Plunging;
    - Snaking;
    - Camera Inspections down blocked drains and pipes;
    - Drain Water Jetting for those stoubourn blockages;
    - Tree Root cutting, where tree roots have grown into drains and pipes; and,
    - Collapsed Drain Rebuilds.
    We have a comprehensive range of services allowing us to cover all drainage solutions..

  • The blocked drain plumber you can count on to keep everything flowing

    In some cases, the blockage can be more severe and will be deeper into the system. Causes can often be tree roots intruding into the line or detritus entering through a crack. In these cases, our blocked drain plumber will use their drain machine to clear the obstruction. Where the blockage is particularly hard or large, we’ll use the latest in water jetter technology to cleanly and safely bore through the obstacle.

    Where the property is equipped with old clay or galvanised pipes, the cause can often by the pipe itself collapsing. The property owner will generally be required to replace this section of piping. As with all jobs, we’re able to provide a free, no-obligation quote to remedy this.