Blocked Showers Drains

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Soap build up blocking your shower drain?

The Plumbing and Gas Guys are on call 24/7 for all your blocked drains. Inside flooding of the shower can be messy and unhygienic, not only is overflow time consuming to clean up but it will destroy your carpets and under flooring if left unattended.

As soon as you suspect your water is draining slowly or see it bubble back up in to drain the grate its time to Call The Plumbing and Gas Guys. The Plumbing and Gas Guys Master Plumbers & Gas Fitters will quickly come around and fix your blocked drain.

The Plumbing and Gas Guys carry effective Unblocking tools, often Do It Yourself products can make a Blocked Shower Drain worse and may even damage pipework, leading to costly Maintenance or Repairs. Most blockages are caused by a soap and hair build up and you need to get a majority of the contents out for the drain to flow properly.

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