Comprehensive Gas Safety Checks

Want a high-quality product gas safety check completed by an expert professional? The Plumbing and Gas Guys are here to deliver. Our team of hardworking tradesmen are fully trained in conducting gas safety inspections and tests from heaters and gas appliances to gas hot water systems.

Every property owner, be they domestic or commercial are recommended to have their heaters and gas appliances, including gas hot water cleaned and tested for Carbon Monoxide by a qualified gas fitter every 2 years. Unless otherwise recommended by the manufacturer. Bosch and Rinnai hot water systems generally recommends at least 2 years intervals whilst Rheem recommends doing an annual servicing.

The reason for this is that incorrect functioning of a gas appliance, heater or hot water system may result in incomplete burning of the gas and carbon monoxide. Carbon Monoxide is a toxic gas element that when inhaled may possibly cause a health problem. Prolonged exposure of high levels of Carbon Monoxide can cause long-term health effects such as brain damage and can be fatal when exposure is in confined spaces. Our gas fitters will complete a range of gas safety tests to ensure your appliances are operating as they are intended to.

These tests include:
- Correct installation as per specifications and regulations.
- Operational efficiency. E.g. correct burning of gas.
- Pressure testing of gas lines for leaks.
Regular testing on schedule can be arranged.

Do you do gas safety check on all appliances?

We sure do there is no gas appliance too difficult to perform gas safety tests on. Some common appliances our customers have us check are:

- Space heaters
- Wall Furnaces
- Gas fire places
- Ducted gas heating
- Pool heaters
- All gas lines for leaks
- All gas hot water systems, instant / continuous and cylinder
- Gas ovens and cook tops

Be safe! Have The Plumbing and Gas Guys in for a comprehensive gas safety check today. We specialize in domestic plumbing and commercial plumbing so regardless of your premises we have a solution for you.

What makes carbon monoxide so risky?

Carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless so you won’t see or smell it coming. Natural gas is also odorless but in Australia has a gas added (Ethyl Mercaptan) so it smells, described as being like rotten cabage, this means you may detect a gas leak, however despite this you will not detect carbon monoxide. Please don’t confuse the two.

Carbon monoxide when it is breathed in replaces oxygen in your blood. Without oxygen you can’t live, so the consequences are quite severe. Is your gas appliances are operating correctly then there is minimal carbon monoxide and you are safe. However where there is poor ventilation, the flue is blocked or the appliance is faulty then issues can occur. This is why The Plumbing and Gas Guys have comprehensive gas leak dtection and repair and carbon monoxide testing services.

Carbon monoxide poisoning has some warning signs such as:

- Tiredness
- Shortness of breath
- Mild to severe headaches
- Nausea and vomiting

Because oxygen is replaced in your body by carbon monoxide loss of consciousness can occur. Children and the elderly are generally more susceptible. Children specifically as the volume of oxygen in their bodies is lower. If you suspect a carbon monoxide or gas leaks please ventilate the area, for poisoning seek medical attention immediately.

We also service schools

The Plumbing and Gas Guys qualified gas fitters are all police checked. Some have also acquired a working with children’s cards (WWCC) so we are available to service schools and childcare centre gas appliances on a regular schedule.

We can undertake checks on all equipment used throughout a school such as cookers, split systems and gas supply lines.

On each service the appliance will be checked for carbon monoxide and given a full clean and safety check with a condition report provided for each appliance.