Blocked Waste Pipes

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Smelly waste pipes?

Unpleasant smells coming from your sewer or outside Waste Pipes can be an inconvenience at any time. As soon as your toilet, kitchen, bathroom or laundry waste pipes start to drain slow or give off an unpleasant odour it sounds like it’s time to get your waste pipes cleaned.

The Plumbing and Gas Guys usually clears blocked or even partially blocked waste pipes using our advance drain machine. However, if in case the blockage is a long way from the inspection point, or the obstruction seems quite large and hard, a water jitter may be employed to cut pressure and flush the blockage. We can at the time advise on replacement and repair to the pipes just ask for a no obligation free quote.

The Plumbing and Gas Guys can also take care of your commercial waste product. For they are also capable of emptying the septic tanks of your commercial premises

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