Expert washing machine installation

Pipe connect and disconnect you can likely do yourself. However we will help you with this also if needed.

If you have a more complex installation then we are there for you. Proper installation is of vital importance because the last thing you need is a minor water leak or drain leak working its way into the infrastructure leading to huge unexpected costs in the future.

Don’t let a shoddy installation destroy an otherwise nice bathroom, kitchen or laundry. We specialise renovations and can expertly install your washing machine so that the new installation does not detract from your current bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

While the job itself may seem simple there is often carpentry and pipework adjustments needed, why risk an inferior job when you can use fast, efficient reliable licensed experts.

The Plumbing and Gas Guys takes care of everything that is related to the installation of a toilet as well as:
- Disconnection of the old washing machine.
- Positioning of the new washing machine. This can be a heavy job we may need your help, or may even need to call in a second pair of hands for tricky placements.
- Connecting the new washing machine and where needed, piping in water and drains, otherwise fitting to existing connections.
- Testing of the new washing machine installation to make sure everything runs and drains as it should without leaks.
- Once you’re happy with everything, we clean up the work area to ensure your domestic or commercial premises is in at least as good a condition as when we arrived.

Where there is a need we will quote extra works. For example:
- Hose or pipe extensions for water inlets and drainage.
- Alteration of flooring as needed to install the new washing machine or remove the old one.
- Adjustments to cabinetry if needed.
- Installation of pressure limiting valves if required.
With us you will have a professional, fast, efficient and tidy installation.