Expert dishwasher installation

Don’t let a shoddy installation destroy an otherwise nice kitchen. We specialise in the installation of kitchen appliances and dishwashers. While the job itself may seem simple there is often cabinetry, pipework and electrical work, why risk an inferior job when you can use fast, efficient reliable licensed experts. The Plumbing and Gas Guys also complete renovations, so we have all the parts and expertise on hand from carpentry through to electrical if needed.

There are many things to consider. In some cases space needs to be made for the dishwasher to be installed, for example where a kitchen has not had a dishwasher previously. In such cases a drain will also be required to be installed.

With The Plumbing and Gas Guys we take care of everything related to installation of a dishwasher. Including:
- Disconnection of the old dishwasher.
- Attaching the new dishwasher where it’s needed, piping in water and drains or fitting to existing connections.
- Tests the new dishwasher installation to make sure everything runs as it should.
- Once you’re happy with everything, we clean up the work area to ensure your domestic or commercial premises is in at least as good a condition as when we arrived.

Where there is a need we will quote extra works. For example:
- Hose or pipe extensions for water inlets and drainage.
- Alteration of flooring as needed to install the new dishwasher or remove the old one.
- Cabinet alterations to fit the new dishwasher.
- Installation of pressure limiting valves if required.

With us you will have a professional, fast, efficient and tidy installation.