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The Plumbing and Gas Guys cover all of the Perth area from down by Pinjarra all the way past Yanchep, we have an exceptional reputation with our customers with over 200+ Google reviews. With our specialised drain machines we are able to make the removal of tree roots from your drains as simple as possible and save your drain pipes from being blocked further

Are you facing tree root drain problem?

So, have you been facing issues with your drainage system lately? Are your drains performing poorly? It is highly possible that this is due to roots in your drain pipes. It’s hard to imagine the kind of damage that roots could cause to your drains; Given that the roots initially enter the system as only as hair thin fibers through any joint or fracture along the line. The abundance of water and the nutrients in the piping system can cause thin roots to fan out and form tap roots, which often go unnoticed until a problem arises.

We are here for drain root cutting in Perth!

The removal/cutting of tree roots is necessary for any drains that have been invaded by tree roots to stop any further damages. We understand that the cost of an entire drainage system, can be quite heavy on the pocket and also cause inconvenience. This is why, we employ the best and most sophisticated technology and tools, to unclog your drainage systems before it gets to this point!

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Our technicians will get in touch with you quickly then Perth’s number one drain root cutters, will be available to remove those pesky roots from your system.