Hot Water Repairs

Hot water system repairs

The Plumbing and Gas Guys are trained in all hot water systems repairs and maintenance.

An efficient and reliable Hot Water System is a must for any home or business. As licensed master plumbers and gas fitters you know you will recieve a quality job. We repair all Gas, Electric and Instant hot water systems from all the major brands including Bosch, Dux, Rheem, Rinnai, Quantum and Vulcan.

Should you system be beyond repair, we also have the very best priced hot water systems, where due to our size where we can purchase in bulk direct from the manufactuer and pass the savings onto you. This makes the purchase easier on your hip pocket, but if needed we also have finance available.

Hot water service and anode replacement

Once you have a hot water system installed we recommend you arrange for The Plumbing and Gas Guys to service it every two years, to keep your hot water system in tip top condition saving potentially costly repairs or replacement down the track.

Anode replacement is recomended every two years as part of regular and ongoing hot water service. Why do anodes need replacing? – Anodes, like that located in your hot water system are made of a sacrificial metal and every hot water system with a tank or cylinder has one. An Anode is like a dip stick that sits inside your tank and saves the inside of the cylinder from corroding by scrificing itself and corroding away first. This means your anode is used over time, after which if it is not replaced your tank will then start to corrode.

Another plumbing secret is TPR (temperature pressure release) valves found on hot water systems with tanks or cylinders which most people would have no knowledge of. The TPR valve found on hot water systems with tanks or cylinders is a critical safety device which prevents possible explosions of your hot water system. Should the TPR valve become corroded and seized and unable to release water due to your cylinder over heating an explosion may happen.

The Plumbing and Gas Guys will service and repair your hot water system, however if inspections reveal that a new system is needed we will recomend and quote a new system for you also.

How do I know my hot water system needs a service?

There are several signs that you need a hot water service.

- Hot water leaks are a pretty clear sign that a repair is needed. This may not ecissairily be due to the hot water system itself. We have available specialist equipment for water leaks detection and repair if needed.
- Water from your hot water system is brown or rusty in colour.
- Water from your hot water system appears muddy and contains sediment.
- The hot water system is making strange sounds such as creaking, cracking or poppong.
- The pilot light keeps going out. This is particularly frustrating on systems with a tank or cylinder where even if you relight the pilot light the water takes a long time to warm.
- The water from your hot water system smells funny, tastes funny or metalic. We recomend that you don't drink the water from your hot water system as, especially in the case of systems that have a tank or cylinder they may grow nasty bacteria which could make you sick. Endless/continuous and instant hot water systems tend to have freasher water which is less of an issue.
- Hot water is running out sooner than you would like or the temperature keeps fluctuation.
- Pressure from your hot water system is less than ideal.

The Plumbing and Gas Guys are available to repair or service your hot water system. Some common problems we discover during servicing include pilot light outages; leaking valves; installation issues; temperature settings set too high (increasing running costs); excessive water pressure (adding stress on the cylinder, thus reducing system life); incorrect gas pressure settings; stuck relief valves that leak constantly; blocked strainers, causing flow rate issues; blocked filters and shower restrictors; and faulty thermocouples, igniters, elements and thermostats. Most items are relatively mnor and can be repaired, however should we find a safety issue or that the hot water system is beyond repair we will recomend and quote a replacement.


Not only will Servicing your Hot Water System improve the life of your Hot Water System but save you money, keep your family safe and supply you with wonderful Hot Water. The Plumbing and Gas Guys fully licensed Master Plumbers and Gas Fitters trained in the repair, service and installation of all major brands of hot water systems including Bosch, Dux, Rheem, Rinnai, Quantum and Vulcan.

We are hear to assist, if you need a repair, service, maintenance or installation or even if you are not certain and just want to ring in and check then call us or send us a message via the contact page above.