If you are facing a leakage issue in your hot water system then it needs to be taken care of, instantly. Our team of professionally qualified and licensed plumbers are experts in hot water leak detection in Perth. With years of experience our experts can easily repair the leaks in your hot water system, irrespective of whether it is an electric, solar or gas water heating system.

Facing A Leakage In Your Hot Water System?

Do you find no water in your hot water tank despite filling it before leaving the bathroom? Is the pressure of water lower than the normal? Does the hot water system pilot light keep extinguishing? You might be a victim to leaking hot water system. If ignored for long it can grow into a potential electrical damage, not to mention the shooting water bills. Avert the potential expense and possible dangers of a hot water leak and take action at the earliest. You do not want to deal with wet electric sockets or mouldy washroom tiles as a result of a leaking hot water system.

Why Call Us?

Our team of professionals is well versed with dealing with all problems related to underground water leaks. Irrespective of the type of hot water system, the professionals at Plumbing and Gas Guys, Perth are expertly trained in hot water leak repairs in Perth. We at Plumbing and Gas Guys, Perth understand that a hot water leak does not necessarily show up at the most convenient of hours, and so we ensure a twenty four hours service, seven days a week.

Get in Touch

The Plumbing and Gas Guys, Perth pride themselves in quality of their hot water leak repairs in Perth service. We have a list of happy customers. The moment you call us, we will send one of our professionals to your doorstep within a matter of hours and ensure that the problem is taken care of the same day. We will also supply you with the most economical and efficient model to suit your home’s hot water heating demands. So, give us an opportunity to serve you.