Expert Water Leaks Repair of Taps and Faucets

Dripping tap is a very common phenomenon in the domestic households. However, if it becomes a regular issue then it needs to be dealt with at the earliest. Our team of professionals are one of the finest in tap water leak detection in Perth. We can repair or replace all types of tap, including replacing existing separate hot and cold taps and faucets with a convenient all-in-one mixer tap. Even your exterior taps are no problem for our qualified professionals.

Facing A Leaking Tap At Your Home or Office?

It is not very uncommon to have a leaking tap in house or office. Apart from being increasingly annoying due to the constant dripping sound, it can also lead to a hefty water bill and electricity bill if your hot water tap is leaking. It may not occur to you that a dripping tap can actually amount to a litre of water wasted per hour – in a week that is enough to fill up a bathtub, so imagine how much water is being used if you have a very fast dripping or running tap. Don’t let the running water weigh you down. Instead of ignoring it, call us and get it fixed at the first opportunity and save yourself the high water bills and electricity expenses.

Why The Plumbing and Gas Guys

The Plumbing and Gas Guys, Perth are trained in faucets water leak detection in Perth. It is a common misconception that a leaking tap can be fixed by a DIY video. Do not be tempted by the idea to fix it yourself. It may very well backfire. Call us to get a certified personnel take care of the leaking tap once and for all.

Call Us

Plumbing and Gas Guys are known experts in tap leak detection in Perth. We pride ourselves in delivering quality service. When you call us, an expert be there at your doorstep in no time and will tend to your leaking faucet. Give us a call to get the best quote in town for a premium quality work.