Blocked Toilets

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Toilet slow to empty or blocked?

Is your toilet slow to drain, partially flushes or seems to be completely blocked? You can Call The Plumbing and Gas Guys to have it fixed.

Blocked toilets is an issue that needs fast remedy before the blockage build up creates a great problem. Our qualified Master Plumbers & Gas Fitters will diagnose the issue as quite often plunging a toilet just does not fix the problem. Tree roots are a very common occurrence and this usually leads to the need to use of The Plumbing and Gas Guys drain machine to cut through and Unblock the Toilet.

While The Plumbing and Gas Guys will make every effort to Unblock your toilet there are always other contributing factors that will also be checked.

Uneven shape of pipes or shall we consider broken pipes could cause partial blockage considering that it could often catch waste product being flushed from the toilets. The Plumbing and Gas Guys recommend you ask us for a free quote on pipe work replacement, as this type of blockage will always reoccur every now and then.

Tree Roots– A common cause of Blocked Drains, you may in fact have a broken pipe and the root has grown into it looking for water, or on larger trees the roots may have cracked your pipes. Roots will always grow back so we suggest you ask us for a Free Quote to replace your pipe work or call us every six months to have the Tree Roots cleared again!

Tree Roots is a job for The Plumbing and Gas Guys experts in drain machine. And our professional and qualified master plumbers and gas fitters will advise you on what possible action you could take.

Nappies, Sanitary Napkins & Baby Wipe Blockages– It is not recommended to flush any of these items down the Toilet. However a lot of people do it, The Plumbing and Gas Guys have even pulled out children’s action men toys from pipes! You can avoid an embarrassing situation by not flushing Nappies, Sanitary Napkins & Baby Wipes. The Plumbing and Gas Guys understand these, that is why we can assure you that our Master Plumber and Gas Fitters will give you the necessary advice that you need to do and not to for your toilet maintenance.