FYI: Plumbing & Gas Concepts & Terms

FYI: Plumbing & Gas Concepts & Terms

Have you found yourself talking to your plumber or gas fitter and just agreeing to their every suggestion – leading you to surpass expenses because you do not understand some of the terms that they are using and the concepts that they are proposing?

At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we give importance to our clients and we pledge to stay true to the services that we offer that’s why we make sure that our clients understand the terms that we use and the concepts that we are proposing to get the job done efficiently.

Here are some of the most important plumbing concepts and terms that you need to know before going through extensive plumbing and gas fitting undertaking:

Access Panel

The Access Panel is one of the most important parts of a house, especially for a plumber. This is where the whole plumbing system can be controlled during maintenance. It is also the first place that a plumber would check before doing any excavations for blocked drains and pipes.  The Access Panel is usually hidden from plain view to not be toyed with by children. Since the Access Panel is usually behind a wall or near the ceiling, it is necessary that they are not covered up but instead can be easily accessed by plumbers, especially during emergencies.


A Fitting connects two parts of a pipe. Plumbing sewers and vent pipes are made from cast iron to ensure that the material will connect the two parts and can hold the water or gas pressure running through the pipes. When checking for house water leaks or gas leaks, plumbers often first check the fittings to see if there are holes or if the fittings become loose. The Fitting can come in various types such as couplings, ells, tees, crosses, reducers, unions, caps, and plugs.

Green Plumbing

Green Plumbing is an initiative that promotes water and energy conservation in household plumbing as well as in plumbing maintenance. Green Plumbing advocates for homes to use harvested rainwater or greywater which is untreated wastewater that does not come from a toilet or kitchen waste. Waterless urinals are also encouraged especially for large commercial establishments like hospitals and malls. The use of solar-powered hot water systems and low-consumption plumbing fixtures are also highly encouraged. And since plumbing maintenance often requires several litres of high water pressure especially in water jetting to remove blocked drains, Green Plumbing advocates the use of solar-powered tools as well as recycled water.

Master Plumber

Master Plumbers are licensed plumbers that have over 10 to 15 years of experience in the industry. To become a Master Plumber, one must first get a high school diploma or pass the GED before apprenticing under a Master Plumber to learn the trade and garner experience. Following the apprenticeship, the plumber can work as a journeyman until they take the licensure exam to be a Master Plumber. Unlike an apprentice or a journeyman, Master Plumbers are often ensured to safeguard their clients. Their 10+ years of experience allow them to assess the job properly and conduct the installation, maintenance or repair as efficiently as possible.

Septic System

The Septic System is the waste management system of any property whose sewage is not connected to the main sewer line of their city. The Septic System is composed of the septic tank, the septic field and the connecting pipes. It temporarily stores the waste while at the same time bacteria is breaking down the waste and allowing gravity to separate the solid from the liquid before the liquid is drained into an absorption field and the solid is taken out by septic tank cleaning.

The Plumbing and Gas Guys are composed of extensive and fully qualified Master Plumbers and Gas Fitters servicing all metropolitan suburbs for any 24/7 plumbing emergency. We also have insurance for all our plumbing and gas installation, maintenance and repair. Our vans carry state of the art gas leak, water leak and blocked drain equipment and spare parts, so the team can work independently and complete each job with ease.