When to Replace Gas Heater

When to Replace Gas Heater

Do you feel that your gas heater takes time to heat a room yet cools down fast? These are just some signs that tell you its time to have your gas heaters checked for maintenance or replacement. Since many people prefer gas heaters over electric heaters because of the typically higher efficiency and lower operating costs, it is important to know how to detect when it’s time to check or replace you gas heaters and gas hot water systems.

If your room takes too long to heat, or your shower takes too long to heat even though you already have the heating setting switched to its maximum degree, it is time to have your gas heater or gas hot water system serviced. For hot water systems, waiting for the shower to heat up is not only costly but is also not environmentally friendly as you are wasting water.

If you detect an acrid or sulfuric smell or you smell something unusual around the house but more prominent near your vents, your gas heater might have a leak or a fault. Faulty gas heaters and other gas appliances can emit dangerous gases and cause harm such as carbon monoxide poisoning that has headache, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, weakness, and confusion as to its immediate symptoms. If you feel these things, immediately move away from the danger zone and settle yourself and if possible turn off the gas appliance and call a licensed gas fitter to come out and take a look at the problem.

If you haven’t replaced or serviced your gas heaters or gas hot water systems since you moved into your property, it would be a good time to have your heaters checked. You should have your checked and maintained every couple of years.

All gas connections must be certified; not to mention the a gas leak around your domestic or commercial premises can be dangerous. So rather than taking a risk, why not have your gas heaters, gas hot water system and other gas appliance serviced by a trained, licensed and insured professional. For this reason, we suggest you use a licensed and professional gas fitter from The Plumbing and Gas Guys. Have your gas heaters checked since this requires occasional maintenance to be in excellent and safe working condition.

Aside from gas hot water systems, you can opt for newer gas hot water systems models or from electric or solar-powered hot water systems. Solar-power hot water systems as well as heat pumps, also have gas boosters if you prefer quick hot water systems.

At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we do plumbing and gas fitting inspections, maintenance and replacement for all types of gas appliances and hot water systems. We also provide quick information and feature an energy-efficiency star rating system for our hot water system inventory to help accelerate your purchase.

Gas Fitting Services

Gas Fitting Services

In Australia, any work involving LPG and natural gas must be accomplished by a licensed gas fitter or a legal trainee/apprentice under the supervision of a licensed gas fitter. Product warranty is also not recognised by insurance companies when the installation or repair wasn’t done by licensed gas fitters. Since all gas installation and repair services greatly concern safety, it is immensely important to have licensed gas fitters do the job.

While many gas fitters are also plumbers, not all plumbers are gas fitters. At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we have tradesmen who are both licensed gas fitters and plumbers capable of getting the job done properly. All of our gas services are accomplished using the proper tools to ensure the quality of our service and most especially the safety of our clients.

All gas installations must be done by a licensed professional not only to make sure that there are no spaces for possible gas leaks but to ensure that the size of the gas line is large enough to accommodate all the gas appliances and systems that shall be connected to the line. If you don’t have an existing gas line or if you are not connected to the main gas line of your city, at The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we can run the gas pipes you need, including connections to the mainline as well as to LPG tanks if needed.

Faulty appliances can emit dangerous gases, specifically carbon monoxide which is harmful to our health. Gas molecules, when mixed with dust and debris can also catch fire. This is why it is recommended that all gas appliances are to be inspected and serviced every 2 years or depending on the manufacturer’s guidelines. Other signs that point to immediate inspection and repair include yellow or red flame, soot around the gas appliance, pilot lights that frequently go out, and smelling an acrid scent.

At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we offer a full range of gas plumbing services including installation, maintenance and repair. We have a team of licensed professionals well-trained in all types of gas plumbing needs including gas pipeline installations, disconnections and safe removals. Some of the most common jobs we do include gas hot water systems, gas bottle, gas flue pipes, gas meters, valves and associated pipework, gas pressure and more.

An ageing pipeline and a burst pipe are some of the most common reasons for a pipeline replacement. Natural occurrences such as the movement of the earth also affect pipelines and cause misalignment. Exposure to water also causes pipelines to corrode, enhancing wear and tear which leads to leaks and possible pipe burst when to replaced immediately.

Gas fittings and gas plumbing should be inspected every two years to avoid safety hazards and accidents caused by ageing pipes, clogging, corrosion, ruptures and more. At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, our gas safety check services include correct installation practices as per specifications and regulations, operational efficiency e.g. the correct burning of gas, and pressure testing of gas lines for leaks.

Gas leak detection starts at home. Familiarise yourself with gas leak detection tips to immediately sense potential danger and have licensed gas fitters and gas plumbers asses the situation. At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we have a team of highly qualified and licensed gas fitters with knowledge and tools to take care of any problems you are experiencing with care, precision and efficiency. We use the latest gas leak detection equipment to make sure that the job is safely completed right away

Our vans carry state of the art gas leak, as well as water leak and blocked drain equipment and spare parts so that our team are prepared for any installation or repair problems and can work independently and complete each job with ease. We are proud to have assisted thousands of homes and businesses with quality plumbing services and gas maintenance services all over the Perth metropolitan area.

FYI: Plumbing & Gas Concepts & Terms

FYI: Plumbing & Gas Concepts & Terms

Have you found yourself talking to your plumber or gas fitter and just agreeing to their every suggestion – leading you to surpass expenses because you do not understand some of the terms that they are using and the concepts that they are proposing?

At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we give importance to our clients and we pledge to stay true to the services that we offer that’s why we make sure that our clients understand the terms that we use and the concepts that we are proposing to get the job done efficiently.

Here are some of the most important plumbing concepts and terms that you need to know before going through extensive plumbing and gas fitting undertaking:

The Access Panel is one of the most important parts of a house, especially for a plumber. This is where the whole plumbing system can be controlled during maintenance. It is also the first place that a plumber would check before doing any excavations for blocked drains and pipes.  The Access Panel is usually hidden from plain view to not be toyed with by children. Since the Access Panel is usually behind a wall or near the ceiling, it is necessary that they are not covered up but instead can be easily accessed by plumbers, especially during emergencies.

A Fitting connects two parts of a pipe. Plumbing sewers and vent pipes are made from cast iron to ensure that the material will connect the two parts and can hold the water or gas pressure running through the pipes. When checking for house water leaks or gas leaks, plumbers often first check the fittings to see if there are holes or if the fittings become loose. The Fitting can come in various types such as couplings, ells, tees, crosses, reducers, unions, caps, and plugs.

Green Plumbing is an initiative that promotes water and energy conservation in household plumbing as well as in plumbing maintenance. Green Plumbing advocates for homes to use harvested rainwater or greywater which is untreated wastewater that does not come from a toilet or kitchen waste. Waterless urinals are also encouraged especially for large commercial establishments like hospitals and malls. The use of solar-powered hot water systems and low-consumption plumbing fixtures are also highly encouraged. And since plumbing maintenance often requires several litres of high water pressure especially in water jetting to remove blocked drains, Green Plumbing advocates the use of solar-powered tools as well as recycled water.

Master Plumbers are licensed plumbers that have over 10 to 15 years of experience in the industry. To become a Master Plumber, one must first get a high school diploma or pass the GED before apprenticing under a Master Plumber to learn the trade and garner experience. Following the apprenticeship, the plumber can work as a journeyman until they take the licensure exam to be a Master Plumber. Unlike an apprentice or a journeyman, Master Plumbers are often ensured to safeguard their clients. Their 10+ years of experience allow them to assess the job properly and conduct the installation, maintenance or repair as efficiently as possible.

The Septic System is the waste management system of any property whose sewage is not connected to the main sewer line of their city. The Septic System is composed of the septic tank, the septic field and the connecting pipes. It temporarily stores the waste while at the same time bacteria is breaking down the waste and allowing gravity to separate the solid from the liquid before the liquid is drained into an absorption field and the solid is taken out by septic tank cleaning.

The Plumbing and Gas Guys are composed of extensive and fully qualified Master Plumbers and Gas Fitters servicing all metropolitan suburbs for any 24/7 plumbing emergency. We also have insurance for all our plumbing and gas installation, maintenance and repair. Our vans carry state of the art gas leak, water leak and blocked drain equipment and spare parts, so the team can work independently and complete each job with ease.

Autumn Plumbing & Gas Maintenance Ideas for Perth Homes

Autumn Plumbing & Gas Maintenance Ideas for Perth Homes

People often tend to do renovations and property maintenance before the holiday season starts during December and January. As we approach autumn, it’s an ideal time to address outdoor plumbing and roof cleaning & repairs. The end of summer is the perfect time to plan your home improvement project so that you can start around autumn, and finish before winter arrives.

Here at The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we offer 24/7 year-round plumbing, gas fitting and renovation services to all suburbs in Perth, Western Australia. Aside from emergency plumbing and gas fitting services that can pop-up any day and time of the year, we recommend to customers autumn as an ideal time to do home maintenance and renovations for their Perth homes

tree root cutting

Tree roots as small as thin hair fibres can enter pipes and cause blockage when they accumulate. Solid things that pass through your drain can also be trapped further causing blockage to your pipers. Call a licensed, professional plumber to assess your sewer lines, especially if you feel that your waste pipes start to drain slowly or give off an unpleasant odour.

It’s essential to clean your gutters every so often to remove falling debris such as leaves, tree roots, sand that accumulate and block your roof pipes and drainage. Roof plumbing, cleaning and repair are best done during spring and autumn.

Autumn Plumbing & Gas Maintenance Ideas for Perth Homes Energy-Efficient Hot Water Systems

Hot water system installations, especially placing a big tank outside or adding solar panels (for solar hot water systems) on the roof is best done after cleaning, and repairs to the roof are done to make sure that there’s good support for the system to be installed on.  


To prepare for the colder weather ahead, it’s best to have your hot water system checked and repaired during the autumn months. 

hot water shower kitchen tiling

Do you see mould forming? You must take action sooner than later. To avoid plumbing emergencies caused by blocked sinks and toilets, better to have them checked out and cleaned now if you suspect there’s a problem. Do you feel it’s time to renovate? Talk to The Plumbing and Gas Guys for ideas and choose the fixtures and fittings that will suit your style of home.


Contact The Plumbing and Gas Guys on 1800 087 244 and speak to our 24/7 Customer Service personnel to schedule general plumbing and gas health check and maintenance. We can send out a team that’s trained to the highest standard in every aspect of their trade, from appliance installation; dealing with tap leaks to the installation of major gas and hot water replacements. Our licensed Perth plumbers and gas fitters use the latest and most sophisticated technology to clean blocked pipes and drains as well as repair damaged lines and systems. Our hot water supply, installation and repair services are also available for all suburbs in Perth, Western Australia.

Gas and Electric Hot Water Systems

Gas and Electric Hot Water Systems

Recent research found that 2 out of 10 Australians love to take hot showers between 7 and 8 in the morning. This number rises especially during winter since we all can’t stand showering with cold water. A hot water system has become a staple in Australian homes as well as residential-commercial establishments like hotels and recreational properties. But did you know that there are many types of hot water systems you can choose from? We all know about the gas hot water tank system and the electric hot water system, but did you know that there are other energy-saving hot water systems powered by green energy like solar panels and heat pump?


Gas Hot Water System – uses natural gas or LPG to power a burner that heats water instantaneously (continuous flow system) or in water storage (hot water tank system). The continuous flow system allows for steady hot showers since water is instantaneously heated when it passes through burning copper coils. The hot water tank system heats the amount of water available on an insulated water storage tank. Hot water is consumable until you finish the water heated on the storage tank, but gas hot water systems do come in handy when your household suddenly lose electricity. If you wish to use a gas hot water system, contact a professional Perth plumber or a gas fitter to make sure that your pipe is connected to a gas supply pipeline. Compared to an electric hot water system, the gas hot water system is more expensive to buy and install, but it is generally cheaper to run in the long end.

Electric Hot Water System – uses electricity to heat water stored in an insulated tank (electric storage tank hot water system) or continuously heats water when required (electric continuous flow hot water system). Unlike gas hot water systems, electric hot water systems can be stored inside your house and does not require a gas pipeline when installed. Though electric hot water systems are cheaper to buy, running them is more expensive compared to gas hot water systems that’s why it is imported to go for electric hot water systems with high energy-saving properties, or they opt for more energy-sufficient electric hot water systems like those powered by solar panels or heat pumps.

Stay tuned on part 2 of our blog to learn more about more energy-efficient hot water systems like the solar hot water system and the heat pump hot water system!


In choosing a hot water system, think of what’s most convenient for you. If you don’t have the spare space to store a massive hot water tank storage, it might be better to go for the electric hot water system which instantaneously heats water. If you want to be energy efficient, invest in a solar hot water system or a heat pump hot water system.

At The Plumbing and Gas Guys WAwe sell, install, service and repair all types of hot water systems in Perth. Visit our hot water systems page and choose from the various filters that can help narrow down what you are looking for. Our products also feature an energy-efficiency star rating system for quick access to information and help accelerate your purchase. We have hot water systems from Bosch, Dux, Quantum, Rheem, Rinnai, Stiebel Eltron, Therman, Vulcan and Wilson; and they each come with a product manufacturer warranty. We also offer service warranty for all hot water systems installations done by our licensed local Perth plumbers and gas fitters.

General Plumbing and Gas Health Check / Maintenance

General Plumbing and Gas Health Check / Maintenance

The answer to that is every two years! It is necessary to have your plumbing and gas fittings inspected every two years to avoid safety hazards and accidents caused by ageing pipes, clogging, corrosion, ruptures and others. Often, people forget to have their plumbing and gas fittings checked until they stop working altogether – like when you are in the middle of a hot shower, and the water suddenly turns cold and would not heat up; or when you are preparing dinner for guests. When left unchecked these issues often escalate and would be more expensive to repair or replace.


For local plumbers in Perth, the weather plays an essential aspect in the correct upkeep of the plumbing and gas systems since constant exposure to natural elements – like water corroding the metal pipes – may cause faster wear and tear that’s why our professional plumbers at The Plumbing and Gas Guys in Perth encourage biennial inspections and maintenance of plumbing and gas fittings.

Some fixtures are more prone to wear and tear than others, so if you are experiencing the following general problems, make sure to have your plumbing and gas fittings and fixtures inspected right away:

  • Water flow is not high as it used to be – your hose might be leaking, or there’s damage to your water pipes.
  • The toilet won’t flush thoroughly – you may have blocked drains that are clogging your toilet and even your sinks.
  • Water discolouration is evident – your hose may be damaged or your pipes might be getting rusty already!
  • Water is just warm and doesn’t get hot anymore – the burner in your hot water system might be damaged, or the thermostat may be failing.


If you are experiencing some of these issues or want to have your plumbing and gas fittings inspected, give us a call on 1800 087 244. We have a 24/7 customer service that can help you book an appointment and send over our highly rated local Perth plumbers or a gas fitting technician as soon as possible.


At The Plumbing and Gas Guys WA, we do plumbing and gas fitting inspections and maintenance. From using a camera to assess blocked drains to gas leak detection, our licensed and experienced local Perth plumbers and gas fitting technicians can evaluate the damage and complete the repair or maintenance without the customer having to break the bank.

With FREE, no-obligation over the phone quoting services as well as no call out fees, our customer service staff will readily connect you with a local Perth plumber or a gas fitter to help solve your plumbing and gas issues.  We strive to offer you total satisfaction with the best plumbing and gas service in Perth.

Gas Fitter Perth

Gas Fitter Perth

Things to Look into in Selecting the Right Gas Fitter Perth Service for Your Plumbing Needs

A proper service and maintenance of your appliances can give them the chance to serve you for years. With proper care, they can work efficiently just like a brand new one. And it won’t even let you down whenever you need to use them. So, whether it’s your gas operated heating unit or hot water system, you need to pay attention to its proper maintenance to make sure they are operating well. And by doing this, you need to look for the right gas fitter Perth expert that will do the job efficiently.

Now, you might be wondering what they do. Well, to give you a better understanding, a gas fitter Perth is a tradesperson that is specially trained to install, alter, and maintain gas appliances services and its systems. Technically, this could include but not limited to fitting and fixing its pipes and flues, installing hot water systems and commissioning new gas application.

And now that you already know what exactly their job is, you now have the idea why it’s important to look for a right expert that will handle your plumbing needs. Well, this article will give you some useful tips on finding the right one for the job.

3 Things You need to Look into in Selecting the Right Gas Fitter Perth Service for Your Plumbing Needs

Well, to help you make the right decision, below are the things you need to look into:

1. Gas Fitter Should be Licensed

Before hiring someone to do the job, the first thing you need to look into is their license. Yes, using a licensed plumber or gas fitter gives you the guarantee of a job well done. You can then rest assured that your gas appliances are going to be installed correctly and safely. On the other hand, letting the unlicensed ones do the job is illegal in all states. Life and property are at stake on this one. So, better not do a risky decision that will put you in danger.

Also, note that the license regulations may differ from state to state. So, the simplest way you could do is simply ask to see their company ID or license. And as one of the gas fitter Perth professionals, they’ll proudly present some proof to you.

2. Do a Proper Research

Well, this may seem like an obvious one. But it will really help you land on the right gas fitter Perth expert that could do the task which you wish to accomplish. What you need to do is the proper research. You may search online and read some reviews and feedback about their services. Most reputable gas plumbers and fitters have their own websites now so you can easily read up on their qualifications and accreditations. Sounds easy right?

3. Remember that Cheap is not Necessarily better

This is commonly the mistakes that most people commit when they hire gas fitters or plumbers. Without proper checking, they go to those fitters who offers a markedly lower price.  Well, there is no wrong about saving your money. However, if someone is quoting you a price that seems too good to be true, you should ask them why they’re cheaper. Reasons might be they are offering the cheapest price because they are not capable of doing the job. So, better do your proper research and be confident of knowing which one is legit.

Selecting a gas fitter isn’t that hard. But then there are few things that you need to consider for your own convenience. Well, knowing these things will give you the confidence to pick the right gas fitter Perth expert that could do the job right.

Ready to look for the right gas fitter?

Give us a call today! The Plumbing and Gas Guys is a team of qualified gas fitters and plumbers in Perth. We offer you only the high-quality plumbing and gas services. Visit our website for more details about our services and call us for inquiries.

Gas Leak Detection Perth

Gas Leak Detection Perth

What to do When You Smell Fume Leaking:  A Gas Leak Detection Perth Tips and Guidelines

Fume leakages could be dangerous and need an urgent attention. For this reason, professional gas plumbers suggest to take precautions when you try to look for it by yourself. Likewise, you need to make sure that there are no potential open flames, spark, or any other flammable materials within your home. Well, you might be asking – how would you know if you are experiencing it at home? Well, gas leak detection Perth will give you clear thoughts about it.

Here are some of the common signs that you need to check out.

Gas Leak Detection Perth Tips: Signs of Fume Leakages

  • Listen for a Hissing Sound. The hissing sound around any of your gas appliances could be an indicator that there is an opening. No matter how small the crack is, it should be dealt with as soon as possible.
  • Smell Around. Commonly, natural fume smells like a rotten egg. So, if you could smell this, then most likely there’s a possible leakage from an appliance in your home or yard.
  • Bubbling. If you have soil that is wet and you have notice bubbles in that soil or water, then that could also be a sign of a leakage.
  • Dirt Blowing. Yes, it can blow air and dirt around the cracked part of the fume hose.
  • Dying Plants. Natural gas can kill vegetations. So, if you have plants in your area, especially if it is near a pipeline, then this could be a sign that you should watch out for.
  • Health Symptoms. Fume leakage can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. And this poisoning symptom includes headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, breathlessness, loss of consciousness, or could even cause collapse.

Gas Leak Detection Perth Tips that you need to do when there’s a Leakage

Considering that you have encountered the signs in your house or even around your place, you need to take the precautionary measure. This is for you to be able to prevent any danger that might cause due to damages. Well, here’s what you need to do:

  • Turn the gas supply off.
  • Do not flip the switch off on any electrical devices and appliances. And do not light any open flame or turn on any appliances or lights. Just so you know, any of these actions could light a spark that may cause a fire.
  • And if you are experiencing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, open the windows and doors immediately and go outside.
  • Immediately leave the area and warn others to do the same. Yes, it is quite dangerous and may often cause explosion and harm to your health.
  • Call emergency services or professional gas leak detection Perth expert for help. They know a lot better how to handle such problems and prevent any danger that it may cause.

Commonly, people are confused about whom they should call in case of such emergency situations, most especially if the problem is coming from outside the home.

Well, here’s a Gas leak Detection Perth Guidelines that you could follow whenever you smell gas:

  • Call your emergency plumber or gas fitter when you smell fumes on the side of your meter or on your property.
  • You can call the natural gas company immediately when the odour is coming from the street. Or if the odour is coming from your meter or before it. Example, the fume smell comes from the street side of the meter.

Fume leaks could be very serious and it needs serious precaution to avoid any danger. Likewise, gas leak detection Perth expert suggest to have a regular maintenance test on your fume appliances. This is to avoid issues that can cause you a big trouble in the long run. Also, make sure that any gas safety checks inspection should only be performed completely by a qualified and well-trained gas fitter.

Looking for a plumber to detect fume leakages?

The Plumbing and Gas Guys is what you are looking for. We are a team of a fully qualified master plumber and gas fitter. We’re trained to offer a high-quality and standard service for your needs. Call us today for more details and our team of professionals will be happy to guide you through.