Gas appliance servicing by a well-trained, competent & insured professional

It is recommended that all gas appliances have a service and inspection, depending on the manufacturer’s guidelines, every one to two years to ensure ongoing safe operation and maintained efficiency. Rinnai and Bosch hot water systems generally recommend at least 2 years’ service intervals while Rheem recommends an annual servicing.

Why service? Faulty appliances can emit dangerous gases, specifically carbon monoxide into your domestic residence or commercial premises. Another potential hazard is from built up dust and debris which may catch fire. Rather than take a risk why not have the appliance serviced by a trained, licensed and insured professional.

We also supply, service and install hot water systems, hot water anodes and perform gas safety checks. And in case a gas leak is found during inspection, we can then isolate the source, quote, and then complete the repair.

Some of our gas appliance services include:

- Gas appliance safety checks, repairs & installation.
- Commercial & Domestic cooking equipment.
- Hot Water installations, repairs and maintenance.
- Gas & Carbon Monoxide Safety Checks.
- Fixed price annual servicing, ideal for facilities such as schools and rest homes.

If you are undertain your appliance needs a service, or can't remember when it was last done then you are probably due. Other signs that you may need a service are a yellow or red flame, soot around the gas aplliance, pilot lights that frequently go out and or an acrid smell. These are often signs of incomplete combustion and the result can be an inefficient operating appliance or even carbon monoxide. If you have observed any of these warning signs it is recomended that you book in a gas appliance service immediatly.

We also service schools

The Plumbing and Gas Guys qualified gas fitters are all police checked. Some have also acquired a working with children’s cards (WWCC) so we are available to service schools and childcare centre gas appliances on a regular schedule.

We can undertake checks on all equipment used throughout a school such as cookers, split systems and gas supply lines.

On each service the appliance will be checked for carbon monoxide and given a full clean and safety check with a condition report provided for each appliance.