Gas and Electric Hot Water Systems

Gas and Electric Hot Water Systems

Recent research found that 2 out of 10 Australians love to take hot showers between 7 and 8 in the morning. This number rises especially during winter since we all can’t stand showering with cold water. A hot water system has become a staple in Australian homes as well as residential-commercial establishments like hotels and recreational properties. But did you know that there are many types of hot water systems you can choose from? We all know about the gas hot water tank system and the electric hot water system, but did you know that there are other energy-saving hot water systems powered by green energy like solar panels and heat pump?


Gas Hot Water System – uses natural gas or LPG to power a burner that heats water instantaneously (continuous flow system) or in water storage (hot water tank system). The continuous flow system allows for steady hot showers since water is instantaneously heated when it passes through burning copper coils. The hot water tank system heats the amount of water available on an insulated water storage tank. Hot water is consumable until you finish the water heated on the storage tank, but gas hot water systems do come in handy when your household suddenly lose electricity. If you wish to use a gas hot water system, contact a professional Perth plumber or a gas fitter to make sure that your pipe is connected to a gas supply pipeline. Compared to an electric hot water system, the gas hot water system is more expensive to buy and install, but it is generally cheaper to run in the long end.

Electric Hot Water System – uses electricity to heat water stored in an insulated tank (electric storage tank hot water system) or continuously heats water when required (electric continuous flow hot water system). Unlike gas hot water systems, electric hot water systems can be stored inside your house and does not require a gas pipeline when installed. Though electric hot water systems are cheaper to buy, running them is more expensive compared to gas hot water systems that’s why it is imported to go for electric hot water systems with high energy-saving properties, or they opt for more energy-sufficient electric hot water systems like those powered by solar panels or heat pumps.

Stay tuned on part 2 of our blog to learn more about more energy-efficient hot water systems like the solar hot water system and the heat pump hot water system!


In choosing a hot water system, think of what’s most convenient for you. If you don’t have the spare space to store a massive hot water tank storage, it might be better to go for the electric hot water system which instantaneously heats water. If you want to be energy efficient, invest in a solar hot water system or a heat pump hot water system.

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