Energy-Efficient Hot Water Systems

Energy-Efficient Hot Water Systems

The movement towards sustainable living starts at home with the use of energy-efficient household devices like solar pumps and heat pumps for hot water systems. Here at The Plumbing and Gas Guys WA, we make sure to provide different product options that our clients can choose from, especially if they are environmentally conscious. For our hot water systems, not only do we have the gas hot water system and the electric hot water system, but we also have solar-powered hot water systems and heat pump hot water systems which are both energy-saving and environmentally friendly house fixtures.

Solar Hot Water System

A solar hot water system uses converted energy from the sun to heat water for household use. Solar panels collect and convert the sun’s energy to heat cold water reserved in storage tanks on the roof or those with tanks on the ground. Solar hot water units include copper pipes where water is heated by the sun, and as a result, heating is circulated into and out of the storage tanks. A solar hot water system from one of Perth's best plumbing and gas fitters is a wise investment because over time it will help save a large amount of money off your electricity or gas bill. As we are blessed with long sunshine hours in Western Australia, a solar hot water system will not only save you money, it will add value to your property. With expert local plumbers in Perth, The Plumbing and Gas Guys can help you retrofit your existing hot water system to an energy efficient solar-powered hot water system. Talk to our experienced local Perth plumbers for the best advice.

Heat Pump Hot Water System

Heat pump hot water is very efficient and is often likened to solar power without the sun. Heat is absorbed from the air and transferred into your water by heat exchange.  While heat pump hot water units run on electricity, they are approximately three times more efficient than conventional electric hot water systems because they use less energy. And like the solar hot water system, the heat pump hot water system is also a good long-term investment as it's cheaper to run allowing you to reduce your electricity and gas bills, with the added benefit of increasing the value of your home.

In choosing a hot water system, think of what’s most convenient for you – financially and environmentally. If you opt to have a gas hot water system or an electric hot water system, check out our blog about these hot water systems.

At The Plumbing and Gas Guys WAwe sell, install, service and repair all types of hot water systems in Perth, including the energy-efficient solar hot water system and the heat pump hot water system. To help narrow down what you are looking for, choose from the various product filters on our hot water systems page. We especially feature an energy-efficiency star rating system to help assess the product. We have hot water systems from Bosch, Dux, Quantum, Rheem, Rinnai, Stiebel Eltron, Therman, Vulcan and Wilson; and they each come with a product manufacturer warranty. We also offer a service warranty for all hot water system installations expertly carried out by our licensed local Perth plumbers and gas fitters.