What is green plumbing?

What is green plumbing?

All over the world, efforts to save the environment range from big movements such as industries turning to more renewable sources of energy to small habits like reducing everyday household energy by using low-energy appliances as well as lessening water consumption. In terms of plumbing, the industry promotes green plumbing as the new norm so that we can all take part in saving the environment.

What is green plumbing? 

Green plumbing is an environmentally friendly plumbing practice that is not only cost-efficient but more importantly promotes environmental sustainability. Environmental sustainability aims to lessen eco-footprint by consuming products or doing activities that won’t have a large impact on the environment. In terms of green plumbing, this means making use of energy-saving appliances, low flow fixtures and innovative technology designed to last long yet has minimal eco-footprint for domestic, commercial and industrial installations.

At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we can help you upgrade to more environment-friendly plumbing practices by offering our energy-efficient plumbing appliances as well as our water-efficient plumbing services. We have licensed and experienced plumbers that can handle your transition to green plumbing since they have the knowledge and the necessary tools to accomplish the job in compliance with all environmental rules and regulations.

If you have an existing hot water system and would want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient system please contact our team today.

We can modify your existing plumbing and make them more energy and water-efficient by making sure that there are no water leaks on your entire plumbing system in toilets, showerheads and taps. Lastly, we can help set-up a more efficient way of plumbing waste disposal by connecting your line to the main sewer or by cleaning and maintaining your septic tank.

At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we help reduce environmental impact by following green plumbing practices such as using energy-saving plumbing appliances, low flow fixtures and proper waste disposal in all our installation projects.

We also supply, install, maintain and do repairs on energy-efficient hot water systems like solar hot water systems as well as heat pumps. Our hot water system listings also especially feature an energy-efficiency star rating system to help clients choose the best option for their homes.

Our team consists of qualified plumbers and gasfitter trained to offer high-quality standard services for your needs. All of our work is certified and the required paperwork is submitted to the governing bodies as required. If you want to discuss your green plumbing options, phone us on 1800 087 244. We have 24/7 customer service ready to discuss your plumbing concerns.