Trending Bathroom Fittings & Accessories 2020

Trending Bathroom Fittings & Accessories 2020

Innovations in bathroom fittings and accessories are created to make everyday life easier. As we use the bathroom at least 3 or 4 times a day, it’s necessary to feel comfortable in the space. From new bathroom accessories to improved plumbing fittings, these trending innovations are designed not only for smart bathroom commercial installations but also for domestic spaces.

With sleek designs that can match any bathroom style, the innovations are not only an upgrade to a smarter, cleaner and more convenient way of using the bathroom, but these installations can also increase the value of your property. The new technology embedded in the bathroom fittings and accessories were made to improve hygiene practices as well as lessen germ infection. Most importantly, these new bathroom innovations are often environmentally friendly since they consume less energy and lowers water consumption.

modern bathtub

Whether it’s a deep soak bathtub or a free-standing bathtub, there are new technological innovations designed specifically to make soaking in bathtubs more relaxing and resource-efficient. Bathtub innovations include electronically controlled scheduled switches and water temperature adjustments. This way, you won’t need to wait for your water to heat up or cool down, not only saving you time but also lessening your water consumption. Advanced bathtubs now also have various relaxing features which make it seem like you have your spa. Deep soak tubs and even free-standing bathtubs have water jet features as well as chromotherapy functions which uses different light colours to set the ambience of your bath allowing you to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Though this type of faucet has long been used in commercial installations, domestic properties are also upgrading to infrared sensor faucets because of its hygienic purpose. Infrared sensor faucets reduce the chances of germ contamination since there’s no need for physical contact to turn on or shut off the faucet. Installing this smart faucet also reduces the chances of forgetting to turn off the faucet and leaving the tap to run for a long time not only increasing your water bill but also wasting water resources.

sensor faucet digital shower

The latest innovation when it comes to programmable shower is the voice-activation feature which controls the whole system. With a programmable shower, you can choose the temperature of the water as well as set the time for how long the water will run, allowing you to be mindful of your water consumption. For baths with multi-shower heads, you can program when each shower can turn on especially if you are using side showers with massage features. Some programmable showers also have a steam feature with adjustable temperatures truly creating a spa-like experience. Other digital showers also have a blue tooth speaker option so that you can enjoy taking a bath while listening to your favourite music.

There are different types of smart toilets with different features, but all are designed to be a convenient way of using the toilet.  Smart toilet nowadays features energy-saving innovations like adjustable water options which you can set depending on how much volume of water you’ll need to flush the toilet. Good hygiene is also promoted since there are built-in bidets with various water options for your convenience. You won’t need to worry about running out of toilet paper not only because there’s already a bidet but also because there’s a drying feature with hot or cold air options. A smart toilet can also come with an anti-microbial seat as well as a self-cleaning function which uses water pressure mixed with a cleaning agent to wash away dirt and germs every time you flush. Some smart toilets also have built-in sensors which alert you of possible plumbing leaks reducing the chances of putting off plumbing problems till it gets worse. And to make it more comfortable, smart toilets also feature spa-like experiences like heated seating, foot-warming, Bluetooth speakers and water & air massage features.

smart toilet solar hot water system

A solar hot water system is not only perfect for commercial installations but it’s also a good choice for domestic households that would like to save big on their electricity. Since solar panels collect and convert the sun’s energy to heat cold water reserved in ground-mounted or roof-mounted storage tanks, there’s no need for continuous use of electricity since power comes from the solar panels. A solar hot water system is also advantageous since you won’t run out of hot water when there are electrical emergencies.

While installing these new bathroom fittings and accessories may seem simple, there are often carpentry and pipework adjustments needed as well as some electrical fixes. So why risk an inferior job when you can use fast, efficient reliable licensed experts?

At The Plumbing and Gas Guys, we have licensed and experienced plumbers with the appropriate tools needed to complete any commercial or domestic bathroom renovation or plumbing fitting and accessories installation project. For hot water system installations, we can help you retrofit your existing hot water system to an energy-efficient solar-powered hot water system. We also offer a service warranty for all hot water system installations expertly carried out by our licensed local Perth plumbers and gas fitters.