Terms & Conditions

We have what we believe is the most competitive plumber and gas fitter rates in Perth.

In all cases we offer:
- No call out fee.
- Free over the phone quotes.
- While we have a minimum half hour charge.

The Plumbing and Gas Guys are Licensed, Competitive and Local. No job is too big or too small.

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What is included in our 30 min rate.

This is a very common question. Some of the things we pay for our of the charge rate includes:
- Licensed Plumber/Gas Fitter/Electricans hourly rate.
- Vehicle wear and tear.
- Downtime. E.g. driving between jobs, waiting time etc.
- Office & Warehouse.
- Office staff. E.g. Answering phones, accounts etc.
- Superannuation, for tradespeople and office staff.
- Payroll tax. This is a Government charge for hiring people.
- Insurance.
- Tools and equipment, these are replaced regularly.
- Uniforms.
- Computers, software, phones and apps.
- Training.
- Advertising, its how you found us.

In all cases:
* Any time outside of normal working hours will be charged at double time.
* A minimum half hour charge applies to all jobs.
* Free Quote applies on quotes provided over the phone, or as agreed for quotes that require a site visit.
* A Free Quote stops being a free quote when a job, no mater how minor is conducted.
* Any cancellation must be made 24 hours prior to job otherwise the minimum charge will apply.

The Plumbing and Gas Guys Refunds policy:

The Plumbing and Gas Guys covers workmanship for up to two years following any works. However, Plumbing and Gas is a service, it is charged on labour plus parts so items such as hot water systems, taps and equipment cannot be removed once installed for a full refund. Defects however can be rectified. Under law, The Plumbing and Gas Guys are responsible for defects due to workmanship and manufactures responsible for defects of parts. Workmanship is covered under a warranty, whereby if a repeat of an issue is a result of workmanship it is free. By way of an examples:

- If The Plumbing and Gas Guys unblock a drain and that drain becomes blocked again, the issue is not workmanship as the original blockage was removed and a new blockage has occurred.
- If The plumbing and Gas Guys repair a leaking pipe and that connection or replacement part leaks, that would be a workmanship issue. However, a new leak in another location would not be a workmanship issue.
- If The plumbing and Gas Guys repair a gas leak and that connection or replacement part leaks, that would be a workmanship issue. However, a new leak in another location would not be a workmanship issue.

The Plumber or Gas Fitter will determine if works are related to workmanship on attendance.

Payment Policy:

Unless otherwise arranged in payment for works is required on the day. Customers are issued with itemised invoices for payment on the day via the nominated email. Where an email is not provided, the customer will be shown the invoice on the Technicians field tool. The technician will take payment by VISA, MasterCard or Amex. Standard charges of 2% use of credit cards.

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all goods purchased The Plumbing and Gas Guys

The client must:

  • Collect or accept delivery of goods within 7 calendar days of being notified by The Plumbing and gas guys that goods are available for delivery unless prior arrangements have been confirmed.
  • Immediately open all boxes and check the condition of all products upon acceptance of delivery or collection. Any damage must be reported to The Plumbing and Gas guys within 2 business days and supported with clear photographic evidence.

All returns and refunds must be accompanied by the correct proof of sale documentation. A full refund, exchange or repair of goods will be considered by a staff member from The Plumbing and Gas Guys under the following circumstances:

  • If the product is proven faulty
  • If the product is not as described by suppliers specifications
  • If the product does not function as per the appropriate technical specification
  • If the product does not match the in-store sample
  • If the goods are in scalable condition and in the undamaged original packaging

If a discretionary refund is approved outside the above mentioned circumstances, a restocking fee of 35% of the current value of the goods may be charged to the client.

No refund or exchange will be given:

  • On faulty items not immediately reported upon receipt of goods
  • On customised products as approved by the client
  • For change of mind purposes
  • If the goods are found cheaper elsewhere
  • If installation of the goods has been attempted
  • If the goods are no longer in a saleable condition
  • Any damage made during a job confirmed with the owner will be worn by the owner, while we take due care some events are enforceable

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Like for Like Installation in Same Location

Electric storage, gas storage or continuous flow

These terms and conditions apply to all installations where the product being replaced and the new product being installed are of the same type, with no change to the location or the energy supply of the unit. This includes the following;

  • Electric storage replacing electric storage of the same element size in the same location
  • External gas storage replacing external gas storage in same location
  • External Gas Continuous Flow replacing external gas continuous flow in same location using existing external powerpoint (GPO)

As part of the Standard Scope of Works, the following installation items will be included in this install;

  • Disconnection of old hot water system and installation of new system (in same external location)
  • Rubbish removal

‘System install’ includes the commissioning of the unit. The system will be filled to ensure water can be drawn from the unit.

Some states have regulatory requirements that one or more Compliance Certificates be completed by the licensed plumber when completing a hot water installation. Any fees associated with the registration or lodgement of these certificates.

Any other additional items will attract additional charges as noted in these terms and conditions and/or quoted on site by the licensed installing plumber.

No discounts apply to these items.

Specifically excluded items

The following items are not included in the standard installation price and would result in additional charges if required or requested.

  • Disconnection and removal of old solar panels or roof mounted solar systems are not included. Any additional work to do so will be investigated on the day of install, and extra charges advised by the installing plumber.
  • Installation of any new valves not included with the product or in the Standard Scope of Works noted above.
  • Electricity tariff change overs e.g. changing from day rate to off peak tariff
  • Installation of an RCD (Residual Current Device) if required
  • The relocation of the new system
  • Additional pipe work or electrical cable
  • The upgrade of existing gas lines, or installation of new gas line
  • Any services that would require a fully licensed electrician to attend site including but not limited to their call out fee, installation of a powerpoint, upgrade/change to existing electrical connections or conversion to system with different number of elements than existing system.
  • Any works required to the existing infrastructure in order to ensure the installation is fully compliant with Local, State and Federal regulations
  • Installation of any accessories
  • Additional labour or equipment required due to the difficult access to site and/or site conditions
  • Asbestos precautions (presence of asbestos may prevent an install from proceeding altogether)

Installation Process

A job will be lodged within the installation scheduling system. An installer is assigned and a confirmed install date. It is a requirement that you or a nominated proxy are on site during the install, so that required paperwork can be signed and any additional payment can be made to the installer should extras be required (see ‘Additional Charges’ section). Following the completion of the install you will be sent an after sales survey link so that you can provide feedback on the service should you wish. This installation type is generally completed within 48 hours however should you not need immediate installation, a later date can be organised.

Not all extras can be pre-quoted, as the installing plumber must attend site before the exact requirements can be determined. Any extras not pre-quoted but required as per installer recommendations, will also be noted on the invoice and payable to the installer on the day.

In this case, the installer will explain the reasons for the requirement/s before proceeding.



All quotes are provided by The Plumbing And Gas Guys and subject to the The Plumbing And Gas Guys quote terms and conditions. The Plumbing And Gas Guys quotation/estimate is valid only if the full quantity is ordered within 30 days. The Plumbing And Gas Guys s will not be liable for any loss or claim by the customer in the event that Manufacture is unable to supply the goods required, or for any other delay in supplying or installing the goods.

Pre-install Regulatory Requirements

Some installations will require a pre-approval, permit or authorisation number from a governing body or body corporate. Although The Plumbing And Gas Guys may assist in certain circumstances, the onus for obtaining all approvals falls on the purchaser. Installs that cannot proceed due to failure to obtain any required permits/approvals may incur additional charges if the installer attends site but cannot complete the install. This will be at the discretion of the installing plumber.


All The Plumbing And Gas Guys installers are required to complete works in accordance with Australian Standards and other local, state and federal regulations, standards and legislation. Should any installs require additional charges in order to ensure this compliance, you will be advised as per the additional charges process noted above. In the event that additional services or items are required to ensure compliance, you will be notified of any additional cost by the installing plumber once on site. If these charges are refused, the installing plumber is required to leave the site without completing any works. Each site is different and any extras required for compliance will be confirmed once the installing plumber has attended and inspected the site. If these charges are refused you may incur additional charges


Should you wish to cancel your installation you must notify either the The Plumbing And Gas Guys Team (1800 087 244) or [email protected] immediately and the cancelation will be confirmed. Should the installing plumber have attended site prior to cancellation, you may be subject to a call out charge of $120 incl GST, payable directly to the installing plumber.



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