Maintaining your Inglewood domestic plumbing

Maintaining your domestic plumbing will prevent issues from arising in the future regarding blocked drains and pipes, water pressure and water leak issues. Prevention is better than cure, our professionals can give you advice regarding any maintenance needed. Some minor issues such as leaking showers and leaking toilets can be managed no problem. Making sure your bathroom and toilet is water proofed will also prevent other problems and can be a big money saver.

We know that a leaky tap can be the most common and annoying plumbing issues that most people have faced in their household. In our busy lives we sometimes choose to ignore this but its water going down the drain, one drip can waste up to 3,800 litres of water a year. Essentially it is quite literally money going to waste. Our plumbers can resolve the simple to the complex, fixing dripping taps is no issue and should you need a replacement we even have our own bathroom showrooms to supply and install new taps and other bathroom accessories if needed.