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A gas bayonet is used to connect a gas appliance, usually a heater, to a fixed wall or floor gas supply pipe fitting. There are two main fittings- male and female. The male is attached to the hose and female to the gas supply line. A gas bayonet fitting is connected by pushing and twisting clockwise to lock it in place. While it sounds simple, there is a lot of care and caution that goes into the installation of a gas bayonet. Plumbing and Gas Guys Perth are professional experts in the gas bayonet installation works.

Why Gas Bayonet Installation

In the winter months, we require gas heaters at home, preferably portable ones. Gas bayonets are ideal for connecting up portable gas heaters both inside and outside the home. Plumbing and gas Guys Perth are fully qualified gas fitters, licensed to install, maintain and repair gas bayonets for both households and businesses and are a phone call away.

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Plumbing and Gas Guys Perth are equipped and experienced to assist you in installing your gas bayonet fitting in Perth with utmost care and caution. It is vital to have sufficient ventilation while installing an unflued portable gas heater inside your home or office. Bayonets are portable unflued heaters, so it�s important that the room be adequately ventilated. Their main advantage is that they can be freely moved around both inside and outside when needed. This makes them a good choice for locations such as the study, home office, kitchen or play areas.

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Gas heaters are economical to use than electric appliances and are an excellent way to heat all areas around the home. Call us today to employ the services of licensed gas fitters who have ample experience in installing and fitting gas bayonet in Perth. We are available on call, seven days a week.

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Our experience of several happy and satisfied customers makes us the first choice for gas bayonet fittings across Perth. Drop in a message to allow us a chance to serve you.