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  • Storm water

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    Excellent subdivision drainage repair services in Perth The Plumbing and Gas guys in Perth are probably the...

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  • Drainage solutions contractors

    As licensed Insured professional drainage contractors we undertake any work involving the installation, alteration or repairs to a drain, including the fixing or unfixing of a drain to an onsite wastewater system such as a septic tank and storm water collection systems.

    A licensed professional, like The Plumbing and Gas Guys must be used as correctly installed drainage systems play an important role in protecting public health as well as keeping pollution out of the environment where it may otherwise pose a significant risk.

    Covering both domestic & commercial drainage we have the team to manage your drain laying needs. Our team is licensed and insured and our workmanship is guaranteed and conducted to Australian standards, so you can have confidence in a professional job, completed on time and within budget.

    Domestic drainage solutions:

    • Subdivions drainage
    • Pre-slab sewer drainage
    • Septic tank supply and installations
    • Soakwell (soak well) supply & installations
    • Water reuse systems supply and installations
    • Storm water drainage and repair
    • Sewage connection, repair & replacement
    • Toilet drains
    • Aggi drain
    • Leach drains

    Commercial drainage solutions:

    • Pre-slab sewer drainage
    • Sewage connection, repair & replacement
    • Toilet drains
    • Septic and grease trap installation and supply
    • Underground & water reuse water tank installation and supply
    • Trenching works
    • Storm water drainage
    • Drainage pit installations
    • Aggi drains
    • Leach drains
    • Pipe repairs
    • Basement drains
    • Boundary shaft renewals
  • Who can undertake drainlaying?

    Not all Plumbers can lay drains, they must be a certified drain layer.

    New installations, alterations must engage a person who holds a current drain laying license and is legally entitled to carry out this work.

    The Plumbing and Gas Guys, certified drain layers can lay, alter, reconstruct, extend, repair and open up drains and associated traps and connect drains up to and away from waste water treatment stations and septic tanks.

    The most common problem that occurs with a drain is blockage. A blocked drain may be cleared by a plumber, however, if a drain is opened up, altered, reconstructed, extended or repaired then that work can only be legally undertaken by a licensed drain layer. If you are experiencing blocked drain, The Plumbing and Gas Guys can assist also.

  • Stormwater drainage

    Stormwater is the water draining off a site from the rain that falls on the roof and land, and everything it carries with it. The soil, organic matter, litter, fertilisers from gardens and oil residues from driveways it carries can pollute downstream waterways.

    Generally the property owner is responsible for all drainage infrastructure related to the drainage of private property to the designated legal point of discharge into the council stormwater system. This includes sections of pipe in the road reserve that discharge stormwater to the kerb or pipe connections to a Council drain, including ensuring that their storm water pipes are connected to the Council nominated legal point of discharge.

    Rainwater refers only to the rain that falls on the roof, which is usually cleaner. However, stormwater can be a valuable resource. Reusing stormwater can save potable water and reduce downstream environmental impacts.