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Leak Detection Services

The Plumbing and Gas Guys Leak Detection offers a range of services to resolve any leak that you may be experiencing. We specialize in burst pipes, water, gas & carbon monoxide leak detection. By utilising that latest in water leak detection tools and technology such as hydrosonic, ultrasonic and thermal leak detection we can see what’s going on in walls, ceiling, underground and under concrete no problems. Our team are equipped with gas leak sniffing devices to find a source of any leak for repair. With licensed, insured and qualifies master plumbers & gas fitters we know how to find your leak fast making our services cost effective, whilst you can rest assured that any repairs needed are completed by qualified professionals.


Water leak detection

Hidden water leaks can cause extensive damage to your property if left undetected. The quicker you call us the quicker we can find the water leak and repair any damage caused. Leaks are best resolved quickly as costs caused by damage tend to go up over time.

If you are uncertain you have a water leak there are a few warning signs that may help you in making a conclusion.

A sudden increase in your water bill - if you are unsure, contact your water authority & ask if your average daily water usage has increased.

Signs of mould – especially in patches on walls and floors, and especially if they haven’t been there before.

Wet or damp patches around your property – often indicated by a patch of grass that grows more quickly, or even stays green during the hot summer months. Leaks in walls, underground and under concrete can all be found with our hydrosonic and ultrasonic leak detection equipment. We also specialise in leaking showers and waste drains. If you have a burst water pipe we can find it in or under concrete slabs and driveways, in brick walls, ceiling cavities and subfloor spaces.

If you are concerned and require water leaks detection and repair please contact us immediately, we are here to help.


Gas leak detection

If you can smell gas that’s a pretty good indicator that you should give us a call to find and repair the gas leak ASAP.

Carbon monoxide however is different. Carbon monoxide is often called the hidden killer as it is toxic but has no smell, unlike raw gas which in Australia has sulphur dioxide added to it so it smells a little like rotten eggs. If you suspect you have a gas leak, consider isolating the source and make sure the area is well ventilated so you are not affected while arranging the leak to be fixed.

Some effects of carbon monoxide poisoning are headaches, dizziness, nausea and weakness. You may also become sleepy and/or confused. A common cause is a faulty heater if you think your heater is causing these symptoms, it may be leaking Carbon Monoxide! Turn off your heater & contact us immediately for a gas safety check.

If you are concerned and require a gas leaks detection and repair please contact us immediately, we are here to help.


Don’t delay get leak detection today!

As licensed plumbers, electricians and gas technicians, we do a whole lot more than just fix dripping taps. From installing hot water systems to unblocking drains, we do it all, and always at the best price.

With free over the phone quotes and No Call Out Fee on all jobs our prices are the best available.

Contact via email at or send us a message through our enquiry form. To chat with an experienced Master Plumber or Gas Fitter directly call 1800 087 244

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