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Rinnai Hot Water Systems

Rinnai Hot Water Systems

Our prices are for fully installed*^ units. All Makes and Models available including the ever polular Rinnai Infinity and Bulders range. 

The Plumbing and Gas Guys specialize in installation, repairs and maintenance of Rinnai hot water systems. Where we complete and installation we will even dispose of your old hot water unit for free. A service we understand is unique to The Plumbing and Gas Guys. 

We have a range of Rinnai hot water systems that sut all sized homes starting with the Rinnai Infinity 16 and B16 for smaller families right up to the Rinnai Infinity 26 and B26 for larger families. Rinnai tankless/continuous and instant hot water systems are also popular for commercial applications such as kitchens and buildings where multiple units may be banked together to ensure adequate hot water services are available to meet demand.

With the builders range the default Temperatures are set at 50 Degrees Celcius. We must install the system like this but on your authority can return and increase the temerature. This means you can have a cheaper Rinnai builders range tankless/continuous and instant hot water system and still acheive the same result.

Our fully installed prices make the purchase easy on the hip pocket however should you need it we also have finance available.

Reasons to choose Rinnai tankless/continuous and instant hot water

All Rinnai systems are multi purpose andcan run on both natural gas and LPG, so if you have bottled gas you are still good to go. 

The endless supply of hot water is a blessing, as with all instant systems the water is heated as you use it. This means that the efficiency is really good, the cost is lower and the greenhouse emmisions are less but it also means that you don't run out of hot water unless you run out of gas. Because the systems are compact the space they take up is minimal and with some cleverly run gas pipe lines and hot water lines the unit can be tucked away from sight.

One of the special advantages is that the unit itself does not grow bacteria or become scaled as occours with cylinder based hot water systems. This means the water is always fresh and the cost of maintaining the system over time is typically lower.


Get in touch with our team

Whatever Rinnai system you are after The Plumbing and Gas Guys can install it ASAP. So if you require an installation, maintenance, repair or just some advice regarding Rinnai Hot Water Systems we are here for you, call 1800 087 244 or today or send us an email. Otherwise please feel free to browse through all the Rinnai hot water systems we have available below. All our jobs are No Call Out Fee. We have free quotes available over the phone and great prices, not $off gimmicks to make the decision as easy as possible for you.

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