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Quantum Hot Water Systems

Quantum Hot Water Systems

Our prices are for fully installed*^ units. The Plumbing and Gas Guys specialize in Quantum hot water systems installation and repairs. From a new hot water system installation to a pilot light that keeps going out we have a service for you. We will even dispose of your old hot water unit for free. A service we understand is unique to The Plumbing and Gas Guys. 

Quantum manufactures a range of eco friendly heat pumps and electric hot water systems. If you want an energy efficient and reliable hot water system the Quantum may be for you. 

Quantum heat pumps at the tme of this update had the highest hot water recovery rate in the heat pump market. 


An extensive range of Qantum hot water units

The Plumbing and Gas Guys have an extensive range of hot water units and we are proud of our relationship with Quantum which allows us to buy in bulk and pass on discounts to our customers. If you are lookng for a price concious installation then you need look no further. 

Quantum is particularly well known for their range of heat pump hot water systems, which are all shown here. However, Quantum also has instant hot water systems, which The Plumbing and Gas Guys have available. If you require a hot water unit not shown here please call and we will assist. 


Convienient Installation of all hot water systems

From residential properties to commercial businesses and even industrial sites, we have an installation solution for you. With our own licensed master plumbers, gas fitters and electricians you know you will recieve a quality installation, repair or service. 

We can even take away your old system for free – a highly valuable service that is offered exclusively by The Plumbing and Gas Guys. Furthermore, we also have the skills and training to conduct maintenance and repairs on all kinds of water heater units, ensuring you can live your life in comfort.


Want to find out more about Quantum hot water units? Chat with us today

We treat our customers with respect, this is why The Plumbing and Gas Guys have great rates, not $off gimmicksfree quotes over the phone and No Call Out Fee on all jobs.

Our team of experts can help you out with any questions you may have about Quantum products on sale here. Simply give us a call on 1800 087 244 or email us to discuss your queries.

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