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Hot Water Installation

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Electric & Gas Hot Water Unit System Installation

All our prices are for fully installed hot water systems*^ we even dispose of your old hot water unit for free. We have No Call Out Fee on all hot water systems.

All hot water systems installed by The Plumbing and Gas Guys use our own licensed plumbers, gas fitters and electricians so you know you are getting a quality installation. 

We specialise in all the major brands of hot water including Bosch, Dux, Rheem, Rinnai, Quantum and Vulcan, as well as solar hot water systems and heat pump hot water systems. 

No installation is too difficult, too big or too small, we can manage both domestic and commercial hot water installations of any size and complexity.

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What Hot Water System is for you?

The simpliest solution if you don't know what hot water system is for you is to call us and discuss your needs.

Deciding what system is right for you can depend on many factors. The size of your house ie. how many bedrooms you have, or the size of your commercial operation. There are other factors to consider as well such as the the size of the exisiting gas supply lines which may necesitate a gas line upgrade from your meter box if you wish to install an instant gas hot water system

Gas hot water systems are more cost effective than electric hot water systems. If your gas supply meter box is quite a distance from the exisiting hotwater system the a 5 star tank hot water system may be the way to go as it uses less energy to heat the same amount of water as an electric system, costing you less.

Instant hot water systems heat your water as you need it, making them highly efficient, reducing green house gas emmisions and running costs. 

Electric storage units and electric continuous flow units are still used but have become less favorable due to electricity costs.

If your domestic or commercial residence does not have gas supply you can still upgrade to an instant gas hot water system. The Plumbing and Gas Guys can plumb in LPG gas supply and conect your instant hot water system at the same time. If you don't want the cost of installing LPG gas then you may want to consider heat pump hot water systems, which are highly efficient and oftern referred to as solar without the sun. 

If you want to install a hot water system in a new house, townhouse, apartment or office, The Plumbing and Gas Guys are the experts in Hot Water Service in Australia. We also specialise in solar hot water systems installation and combinations of tank and instant systems with solar

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The hot water proffesionals

The Plumbing and Gas Guys are hot water proffesionals.

We will take the time to understand you needs and provide a solution that works for you and at a price that works for your budget. If needed we even have finance available. We stock all the makor brands such as Bosch, Dux, Rheem, Rinnai, Quntum and Vulcan at the very best fully installed prices available. 

As master plumbers and gas fitters with our own in house electricians we can manage all installations no matter how big or small.  

Browse our range online, or call us to enquire about your hot water system today!

The Plumbing and Gas Guys have:

- Fully installed prices at industry leading rates.
- We provide a warrenty of 5 years on all our workmanship.
- Leading brands including Bosch, Dux, Rheem, Rinnai, Quntum and Vulcan.
- Highly efficient hot water system options including solar and heat pump installations.
- Same day hot water for emergency installations.
- Insured, trained, qualifies and licensed expertiese in house to manage all plumbing, gas fittingand electrical works. 
- Free quotes, over the phone on all installations.
- No Call Out Fee on all installations.
- Great rates, not $off gimmicks.
The Plumbing and Gas Guys have an extensive product range and stock only the best brands in the industry. The Plumbing and Gas Guys don’t discriminate between Hot Water System types because The Plumbing and Gas Guys know everyone has different needs and different budgets. With plenty of hot water systems to chose from and experienced Master Plumbers & Gas Fitters who know all of the systems inside and out, you can be sure you are getting the best service possible when it comes to new systems or hot water replacement.

Contact us for all your plumbing needs

We can ssist you with all your plumbing and gas fitting needs including hot water system installation, reairs, service and maintenance. The Plumbing and Gas Guys can supply and install your hot water systems to discuss your needs or to to arrange an installation call us on 1800 087 244.

With our bulk purchasing power direct from manufacturers we can pass on the best fully installed prices available to keep you running hot. 

Don't want to call and would rather e-mail, then contact us on the contact page above. 

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