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Ground Mounted 300 Lt Twin Panel Solar Hot Water System with Gas Booster

Ground mounted twin panel solar hot water with gas booster

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A$ 2,917.00 Includes 10% GST
  • Fully Installed - Straight Swap
  • Like for Like Pricing
  • Installed the same day - call before noon
  • Old unit disposal for free
  • 5 year warranty
  • 2 Years Workmanship Warranty

Ground Mounted 300 Lt Twin Panel Solar Hot Water System with Gas Booster

Reliable Solargain brand. 

Ground mounted means that the hot water cylinder is located at ground level rather than on the roof.

This system is gas boosted, for when there is just not quite enough free hot water.

A solar system will generally reduce energy usage and greenhouse gases by approximately 80% depending on the system size and environmental conditions. Regardless of performance, free hot water is still free.

Designed for longevity & superior performance. Flat panel solar hot water system collectors have been designed by Australians, for Australian conditions.  Our flat panel solar hot water system collectors consist of a copper fin and tube design, manufactured from high grade copper ultrasonically welded together to provide supreme contact for maximum transfer of solar energy, free from the sun. Enjoy peace of mind with our heavy duty anodized alloy frame, specially manufactured to withstand Australia’s harsh climatic conditions.

Aesthetically pleasing designs, engineered for strength and optimal performance ensure maximum benefits from the solar hot water system of your choice.

Comes with:

- 300 Lt ground mounted tank.
- Twin panel solar collector to heat water free from the sun
- Gas boost system for when the hot water from solar doesn't meet your needs. 
- Gas connection of up to 5m
- 5 year tank & collectors warranty
- 2 year pump warranty
- 1 year electrical warranty
- Collectors and storage tanks manufactured to ISO 9001

Hot water systems from professional plumbers

The Plumbing and Gas Guys are hot water system experts. All hot water repairs, installations and replacements are done by licensed, insured plumbers, gas fitters and electricians.

Should you need it we also have finance available.

With what we believe is a unique service to us we will even dispose of your old hot water unit for free.

Call us now 1800 087 244 and we will happily discuss your needs so you know you have the right hot water heater at the right price.

0% Finance and Payment Plans Available

Although our prices are low we understad that sometimes we all need a little help along the way. The Plumbing and Gas Guys 0% Finance and payment plans available should you need it.

Work Quality assured by Plumbing License PL8314, Gas License GF016510 and Electrical License: EC10053, allowing us to manage all works in house, so not only are you recieving a great finance option you are also getting a high quality service. 

Call 1800 087 244 for details, termsand conditions, regarding finance on all your plumbing needs including hot water systems installations, repairs and maintenance.

Terms & Conditions*

Prices are based on like for like replacement, meaning the same or similar sized model and energy rating.

Solar hot water systems pricing is based on a single story residence.

Prices for solar hot water systems and heat pumps, or otherwise where rebates are available are post the rebate being applied. All rebates must be signed by the legal owner of the property otherwise The Plumbing and Gas Guys reserves the right to pass on the extra charges of the unclaimed rebate to the property owner. 

Prices are based on the assumption that the existing system on the premises is in compliance with relevant laws. Additional costs will apply if extras are needed to bring a system up to code or if additional valves are needed for installation of the new Hot Water System.

Additional costs apply if there is an occupational health and safety reason for engaging two people or specialist equipment. e.g. The hot water unit is based in a cupboard on a second level only accessible by ladder.

The Plumbing & Gas Guys friendly and professional Master Plumbers and Gas Fitters will advise you of any compliance or others items needed for a your new hot water system so there are no surprises. If you coose not to proceed after having booked in the job you will only be charged for their time on site at normal rates.

You are welcome to call and discuss our fully installed * prices. 

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